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Changhua County is situated in the mid-western part of Taiwan Island.  The Dadu River in its north bestrides the boundary between Changhua and Taichung City. The Bagua Mountain in its eastern part forms the border between Changhua and Nantou Counties. The southern border of Changhua County is marked by the Zhuoshui River by which Yunlin County is set apart from in the south. Also, Changhua County faces the vast Taiwan Strait in the west.

The main rivers in Changhua County are Wu (Dadu) River, Maoluo River, and Zhuoshui River and they all flow westward down into the Taiwan Strait.

Changhua County has a beautiful scenery; it well-known scenic locations are Bagua Mountain, Wanggong Fishing Port, Tianwei Highway Garden, the Baiguo Mountain, Gushan Temple, Qingshui Rock, Hushan Rock, and Taiwanese Folk Custom Village.

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