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  • Wei Ming Ku
    • 姓名:
      Wei Ming Ku
    • Education :
      MS, Department of Business Management, Dayeh University 
      National Taichung College of Business 
      National Yuanlin Senior High School 
      Changhua County Pu Sin Junior High School 
      Tai ping Elementary School 
    • Work Experience:
      Legislator, 13th Changhua County Council 
      Legislator, 14th Changhua County Council 
      Secretary, Wong Chin-Chu’s Office 
      Executive Secretary, South District Branch, Wong Chin-Chu Election Campaign Office 
      Executive Secretary, Wong Chin-Chu County Magistrate Election Campaign Office (Yunlin District) 
      Committee Member, Chen Shui-bian Presidential Election Campaign Office 
      Executive Committee Member, Changhua County Office, Democratic Progressive Party 
      Resident Supervisor, Changhua Branch, Taiwan Environmental Protection Union 
      Legislator, the 5th Term Legislative Yuan (February 1, 2002 – January 31, 2005) 
      Legislator, the 6th Term Legislative Yuan (February 1, 2005 – January 31, 2008) 
      Legislator, the 8th Term Legislative Yuan (February 1, 2012 – November 25, 2014) 
      County Magistrate, 17th Term, Changhua County, (December 25, 2014-present) 
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