Cho, Po-Yuan
  • Name:

    Cho, Po-Yuan

  • Education :

    ‧Tianzhong Primary School, Tianzhong, Changhua County 
    ‧Private Zhengxin (Junior, Senior High School), Yunlin County  
    ‧Bachelor, Law Department, National Taiwan University  
    ‧Master, Law Graduate School, National Ocean University  

  • Work Experience:

    1. Acting Magistrate of Changhwa County  
    2. Deputy Magistrate of Changhwa County  
    3. Chief Secretary of KMT in Legislative Yuan  
    4. Councilor of Changhwa County (for two sessions)  
    5. Lecturer, Private Providence University and Dayeh University  
    6. Director, ROC Evergreen Track and Field Association  
    7. Vice Chairman, ROC Chun His Association  
    8. Chairman, Changhua Zhuo Family Association  
    9. Chairman, Changhua Chun His Association  
    10. Head, Changhua Children and Families Center  
    11. Head, International Junior Chamber  
    12. Head, China Youth Corps Committee  
    13. Managing Director, Changhua Fire Fighting Association  
    14.Assistant-Chief Secretary of KMT in Legislative Yuan  
    15.Convening Committee Member, Jurisdiction Committee of Legislative Yuan  
    16.Chairman, Domestic Affairs Committee of Legislative Yuan  
    17.Committee Member, Constitution Amendment Committee of Legislative Yuan  
    18. Committee Member, SARS Prevention Fund Supervision Committee of Legislative Yuan  
    19.Head, Shetou Township of KIWANIS lnternational  

Number of Visitors:005071
Last update:2014/08/21
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