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  • “Under the early spring sun, we sat on the ridges between the fields. The vast expanse of sprouting shoots also listens attentively to the melancholy of your homesickness. Under the early spring sun, the trickling water next to the field repeats our pledge over and over again - Be a useful individual in your hometown, be a useful individual in your hometown.” This is an excerpt from the “Useful person”, written by a Xizhou poet, Wu Sheng. It depicts one’s homesickness and commitment away from home.  
    Changhua County is located in the mid-west of Taiwan. Close to Taichung City, it is bounded by the Dadu River to its north, the Taiwan Strait to its west, the Zhuoshui River and Yunlin County to the south as well as Nantou County’s Bagua Mountain to its east. It is one of the earliest developed regions in Taiwan, home to picturesque sceneries, geographical advantages, outstanding talents as well as rich cultures and natural resources. 
    Having been involved in the making of public policies and social services over numerous years, I, Wei Ming-Gu, am highly aware of the public’s needs and the difficulties that the local development faces. To strive for a prosperous future for Changhua County, the proposed county administration policies encompassed ten key directions, including the constructions and developments of public transportations, agriculture economy, industrial upgrade, cultural and creative industries, tourism, healthcare, education, public welfare, sustainable environment, and enjoyable lifestyle.  
    As Mother Teresa once said, “Love is seeing our responsibilities on the needs of others”. Because of the love for our hometown, my administrative team and I will take our responsibility without any hesitation. With the importance of quality, honesty, diligence, efficiency and innovation emphasized, we set the public’s needs as the absolute priority.  
    Driven by my respect for professionalism and teamwork, I dedicate “Useful person” to you all as words encouragement.
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