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  • The Finale of Changhua Marathon Month was held in Lugang, and Magistrate Wei fired a warning shot for it. Welcome to Changhua to experience its beauty!

    • Date: 2017/11/19
    Lugang Marathon- runners at the starting point. The finale of Marathon Month in Changhua County --- Lugang Marathon, officially began in the morning on the 19(th) at Lugang Township Stadium in Changhua County. Magistrate Wei Ming-ku and General Director of Erlu Jogging Association, Chan Shin-Zhong, fired a warning shot for this event. Magistrate Wei expects that the habit of exercising can be cultivated through jogging events. Not only can it enhance people’s health but also they can experience the beauty of Changhua on foot.  
    Magistrate Wei stated that Changhua County had held Marathon Month event, and Lugang Marathon will be the finale. Apart from marathon, the organizer will donate the rest of the income to the Reconstruction of Damaged Spinal Cord Association so that everyone can show their love to the charity by running in the marathon.  
       Moreover, Magistrate Wei also stated that the county government is planning on actively promoting Lugang National Historic Spots. Through this marathon event, he hopes to introduce some visible and invisible cultural assets to other places in Taiwan and furthermore to other countries. He also welcomes runners to stay in Lugang after the marathon to visit some historic monuments and sculptures and taste some local culinary delicacy.  
       Lugang Marathon is the finale of Changhua County Marathon Month in 2017, and it is also the very first time in 300 years to hold a marathon event in Lugang! The first marathon in Lugang is organized by Lugang Township Government, Lions Club of Changhua Senior High School and Hi-Life International Co. Ltd. And the executive director is Erlu Jogging Association which is a local club, that had held a successful marathon event this February. This time, they combine ambulant resources and friendliness of the locals in Lugang for the runners to explore the town of the ancient time and the modern time.  
       In the end of October and early November, Changhua County will hold four marathons in total. By having Marathon Month, they hope to present the local features to people in other parts of Taiwan. Magistrate Wei has been devoting himself to promote tourism with sports. He hopes that Lugang Marathon can continue to happen in order to help with the tourism in Changhua and the popularity of sports, making Changhua a healthy and vivid County 
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