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  • A big step forward Changhua City elevated railway project has passed the first deliberation.

    • Date: 2016/10/05
    01 The deliberation conference of Changhua City elevated railway project. To gain the central authority’s approval of Changhua City elevated railway project soonest, Magistrate Wei Ming Ku, on 4th afternoon, led a county government delegation to attend the first deliberation meeting, was hosted by the Railway Reconstruction Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, for the possibility of Changhua City railway- elevation implement. With joy, they have  
    made a breakthrough to pass the first deliberation and the project will subsequently be reviewed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. 
    Magistrate Wei said that Yuanlin City elevated railway engineering has been completed, so has Taichung City’s, approaching the finished line, however, Changhua City, between the two cities, obviously has been lagged behind, therefore, the county government will see the project as the most important administration project and strive hard for central government ‘s approval and funds subsidies. In order to pass the next review in the shortest time, the Public Works Department will revise and improve the project in accordance with the opinions from related departments of central government. 
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