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  • Magistrate Wei attended 2016 Energy Vision Summit Forum – A New Era of Green Energy.

    • Date: 2016/10/04
    Group photo of Energy Vision Summit Forum Green energy development is the trend of the world, but also Taiwan's current high-profile issue. The Changhua County Magistrate Wei Ming Ku along with others from industry and academy were invited to the "2016 Energy Vision Summit Forum- A New Era of Green Energy ", was held at the International Conference Hall of Taiwan University Congress Center in Taipei on October 4th , for the discussion of the development of green energy. 
    Magistrate Wei said that Changhua County has got 21 out of 36 the best wind farms in Taiwan according to the evaluation from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs. In addition to the all year round blowing wind as one great advantage, the depth of the sea is no more than 50 meters in the offshores that will decrease the cost of building fan compared to other cities and counties as another. In the future county government will cooperate with central government to build 800 wind stations off the coast which can provide for around 4.8 million households use that is equivalent to 56% total households use in Taiwan. He also pointed out the fan has 170 meters high, 50 meters wide, with the amount as many as 800 all put together that will create a spectacular view to draw people’s attention, a good spot for sea sightseeing.  
    Magistrate Wei further expressed that except the wind power, Changhua County also has got advantage in sufficient sunlight. According to Energy Bureau measurement and static for Taiwan photoelectric systems for three consecutive years, both annual and daily average power generation of Changhua County are the highest in Taiwan. The county government is proactively building solar panels in the roof of the schools and planning to planting the solar power in the river banks of Yuanlin East-West Speed Highway in the future, besides that, there are more than two hundred hectares of contaminated farmland in Changhua area which can be used for planting the ground-based solar power, so the county government is seeking the central government’s assistance to ease the law for building ground-based solar power. Moreover, the county's large livestock waste can be used in bioenergy as well, like biogas power generation.  
    Currently, the county government is actively establishing Changhua into a wisdom county of green- energy application and cultural inheritance. Through the plan such as “ Offshore wind-electricity development and green energy application combination ”, “Changhua's solar power photoelectric resources development ” and “bioenergy development ”, all of these are Changhua County’s related policies of promoting green energy, the county government has determination and endeavors to build a capital of sustainable green energy development. 
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