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  • Changhua County Government signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SOLEQ Taiwan as another approach that County Executive Wei took to reshape Changhua into a green county

    • Date: 2016/10/24
     Group photo of the press conference held for the Memorandum of Understanding (SOLEQ Taiwan’s investment on Changhua County’s renewable energy) signing ceremony. Changhua County Government has signed up the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SOLEQ Taiwan (under Equis Green Energy Fund Group, headquartered in Singapore) during a joint press conference at Taiwan Glass Museum, located in Changhua Coastal Industrial District, Lukang, on 24th morning. Meanwhile, Taiwan Mirror Glass Enterprise LTD (Tai Min Company) has signed up the "Agreement Framework" with SOLEQ as well, and announced that the two sides have reached a consensus and would jointly plan to build the first solar energy smart parking shed combined with glass art and Taiwan’s cultural image.  
    The Executive Director of Equis Group, also the chairman of Taiwan's SOLEQ, Liang Sheng-yu, addressed that he was pleased to have signed a MOU with Changhua County Government on behalf of the Equis Group, and with the support from government looking forward to the mutual development to promote Taiwan's green energy industry. Also, the Director of Equis Group, Chen Biy-ang, and General Manager of Land Development of SOLEQ, Chen Qi, have personally come to Taiwan to attend this press conference. 
    Signing the MOU with Equis Group’s SOLEQ Company, according to County Executive Wei, would be the first step for Changhua County Government working with foreign investors to promote green energy policy and was estimated to invest NT$ 15 billion on development of green energy. Since Equis Group had the experience of building the Asia’s largest ground-based photovoltaic technology power plant and the experience of visiting the Equis Group’s solar power plant in Mito City, Japan, County Government was confident of Equis Group’s capability. 
    In respond to Central Government’s green energy policy, County Executive Wei expressed that County Government was massively building solar panels on the roof of the schools, and would help SOLEQ assist the manufacturers of Changhua Coastal Industrial District to build solar power as well, moreover, the plan to lay the solar panels on embankment both sides of Yuanlin gutter in the future. In addition, Taiwan Electricity was also interested in the development of green energy and would set up headquarter in Changhua Coastal Industrial District: Taiwan electricity and Danish power companies (Danone Wind) would invest more than 3,000 billion funds in Changhua for power development. The County Government would construct at least 800 large-scale wind turbines offshore for wind power development to create Changhua offshore as the "Oriental Saudi Arabia" to bring a cleaner electric power for people. 
    Changhua County has been actively promoting the vision of "green energy culture, a wisdom county ", and gained highly supports from domestic and foreign enterprise groups. Equis Group, the largest independent green energy development company in Asia, and its subsidiary SOLEQ, and Tai Ming Company, dedicated to the promotion of the glass arts, are in the leading position to take practical action to support the Changhua County Government to promote green energy and cultural integration with the wisdom of urban construction. They are cooperating to build the "solar energy smart parking shed" combined with glass art and cultural landscape alongside "Glass Matsu Temple" and "Cosmic Tower" in Changhua Coastal Industrial District to become the first excellent example representing the development of green energy integrated with culture and wisdom construction.  
    Although Changhua County has the best wind and solar resources, especially in the Changhua Coastal Industrial District with excellent sunshine conditions. It has been neglect in the past, not until Wei took office, he has been vigorously promoting the development and application of green energy, and encouraging the manufacturers of Changhua Coastal Industrial District to well use the roof of factories for green energy development. 
    Special thanks and congratulations from Changhua County Government to the two companies for their efforts on promoting the development of green energy, combination of culture and arts, and the development of the wisdom for Changhua County.
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