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  • Changhua County Government Signs Nation’s Largest Memorandum of Cooperation in Cloud Computing in Education with Microsoft Taiwan

    • Date: 2016/10/25
    Group photo of the press conference held for Microsoft Cloud Technology Promotion Project’s signing ceremony. In order to help schools to change from the traditional teaching method into innovative digital teaching method, Changhua County Government announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring cloud computing in education into campus and to promote a series of subprojects, including promotion of information literacy and information-security certificates, selection of talents in vocational schools, establishment of the Future Schools in Changhua County, application of cloud teaching method(Office365), and introduction of certain programing courses in primary and junior high schools. 
    On 25th morning, County Executive Wei Ming-ku and Microsoft Taiwan General Manager Shao Guang-hua signed the memorandum of cooperation in cloud computing in education in the briefing room on the third floor of the county government’s office building where a press conference was held for the signing ceremony. And Mr. Steve, Vice President of Microsoft Asia Pacific, served as the witness at the scene. County Executive Wei believes with the introduction of cloud computing, we may improve the traditional teaching method and make learning more efficient. 
    County Executive Wei said that now is a digital age, with thanks to Microsoft Taiwan to carry out this cloud computing in education cooperation program with Changhua County Government, such program has a great help for Changhua County’s digital technology and teaching promotion. Besides, Wei also extended his appreciations to the faculties and staffs of Chienkuo Technology University, Chengkung High School and Changsing Junior High School for their willingness to take the responsibilities of leading Changhua County’s wisdom education to move forward.  
    Furthermore, Wei expected that this project would benefit more students and lay a good foundation for information education, and that children can have access to information software and cloud computing. Such program may help to develop creation, form the ability of problem solving, and then build a culture of wisdom. In addition, Changhua County Government is committed to developing green energy, and is expecting to combine green energy with the wisdom technology all together to create a vision of green energy culture and a wisdom county. 
    Although Changhua County is not the first government to cooperate with Microsoft, yet it is by far the nation's largest, most mature, and most widely covered cooperation. Both parties wish to take this opportunity to create a successful model of industry working together with government in promoting the development of education.  
    The selection of campus talents in vocational schools will be the first phase to debut at Chengkung High School. It will train high school students to become Microsoft's "campus talents", and these talents will contribute to the promotion of both primary and junior high schools’ computer programing courses. This approach may form a fine tradition between different generations. In addition, it is also planned that we will train certain so-called “seed teacher” whose responsibility is to help enhance the information literacy of both teachers and students inside the county, and to help them obtain the MTA information literacy and MOS information literacy global certificate, such move may improve the situation of school enrollment and employment. 
    The second phase will be the establishment of the “Future Schools”. Changsing Junior High School currently has been selected as a pilot school, leading in setting up a high-quality campus network and cloud teaching platform. By using digital technology, it will promote the innovation of teaching method which focuses on logical thinking and teamwork, linking the environment and community, emphasizing the use of knowledge, and training students’ ability to solve practical problems.  
    The ultimate goal of this program is to gradually expand the use of cloud computing in education to more nearby schools and communities, and to comprehensively enhance the county’s digital technology education. The County Government is looking forward to taking this cooperation as a pioneer of county’s Information Education 2.0, such cooperation may incur further usage of cloud computing so as to create a ubiquitous learning environment and culture, and to help Changhua students to become fine citizens of cloud global village.  
    The concept of “Cloud Computing in Education Cooperation Promotion Project" is consistent with various Changhua's ongoing education programs, such as “flipped classroom” program, “action learning” program, and “information-teaching integration” program. It’s expected that, with the introduction of Microsoft’s resources and teamwork, the county may further its education policies, as well as to make the fine tradition of self-teaching between different generations as the nation’s first example of vertical ecological education system. Consequently, we may create a new pulse for Changhua's future economy.
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