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  • Changhua County Will Build Intelligent Transport System

    • Date: 2016/10/26
    01 photo of Changhua County press conference of intelligent waiting facilities construction and bus stop In order to reduce the number of private vehicles and the emissions from the automobiles, as well as to conduct the environmental protection, Changhua County Government has been encouraging people to make the best use of the public transportation, and has recently launched the installations of the (bus) intelligent transport system. On the 26th morning, a press conference focusing on the building of Changhua County’s intelligent transport system was held in the art gallery which located at the front of the County’s Information Office. County Executives Wei believes that with the provision of the real-time bus location information to the general public, transporters will surely make better use of their time, thus such system would increase the public’s willingness to use the public transportation.  
    Wei also introduced the first phase of the program for this year was to invest up to NT$ 10,000,000 for setting up a number of LCD screens which would show up-to-date bus location information. These screens will firstly be installed among various hot spots including Changhua Railway Station, Yuanlin Transfer Station, Changhua Christian Hospital, Xiuchuan Memorial Hospital, and many other commonly-used public transportation hubs and stops. It is expected that more than 42 smart bus stops and 10 LCD bus information board will be installed in time, and it is also expected that a new APP and a new website will also be launched in due course which would be used by the general public to access to the real-time bus information.  
    Wei also pointed out that the second phase of the program will be launched in 2017, and it was expected that by then, almost all of the bus stops inside the county would set up smart bus information display screens; those screens could not only provide useful information to the passengers, but also be used to make the lives of the elders and suburban residents much easier for accessing to hospitals or tourist sites.  
    Wei sincerely hoped such efforts would benefit the residents and help them to form the habit of using public transportation, which would definitely result in less carbon emission. Wei believed this program would ultimately help Changhua to catch up other cities from behind, and lead Changhua to realize its green and wisdom city vision. 
    In the near future, Changhua County Government will further its approach by setting up smart bus stops which could not only provide shelters from the sunshine or rain, but also could provide even more comprehensive real-time information for the passengers, as well as by providing even more passenger friendly, comfortable, and secure public transportation service to better benefit the residents.  
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