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  • County Executive Wei Reaffirmed the Operation on FCFC Was Legit

    • Date: 2016/11/29
    On the morning of Nov. 29th, County Executive Wei Ming-ku reaffirmed, in the 4th regular meeting of Changhua County Council’s 18th session, that the official ground of the County Government on the operations toward FCFC (Formosa Chemical & Fiber Corporation) was legitimate 
    County Executive Wei explained that all of the County Government’s actions toward the FCFC were totally lawfully. I.e. before the due date of FCFC’s operating license, the County Government shall not halt the FCFC’s operating activities despite the objections from the environmental groups; however, after the due date of FCFC’s operating license, as FCFC neither fulfilled County Government’s requirements, nor did FCFC met its commitment to conduct the environmental evaluation, the County Government ceased FCFC’s operating license.  
    Huang, Yao-nan, the director of Legal Affair Division, expressed that the prerequisite of a state compensation has not been met on the FCFC’s case, as the entire actions from the County Government were entirely legitimate and under the County’s jurisdictions, thus no infringement of civil rights was taken place. Specifically, when FCFC’s operating license came into expiry, FCFC shall be responsible for renewing its license subject to the relevant environmental regulations, and any losses incurred due to the inaction of applying such a license shall be attributed to FCFC itself, namely FCFC’s compensation claim due to a so-called dispute of extension was invalid.
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