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  • 2017 Changhua Flower FestivalClosing Ceremony – Total attendance exceeded 700,000

    • Date: 2017/02/05
    01 Changhua Flower Festival Closing Ceremony – Group Photo of County Magistrate, Distinguished Guests, and members of the Musou Band. As the Lunar New Year Holidays draw to a close, the 2017 Changhua Flower Festival has been successfully rounded off on February 5th, at the Cijhou Park. During the closing ceremony in the afternoon, Changhua County Magistrate WEI, Ming Ku presented certificates of appreciation to participating departments and announced that the festival drew more than 700,000 participants –another year of festive celebrations during the Lunar New Year Holidays that is highly praised by its attendees. 
    According to Magistrate WEI, Ming Ku, more than 700,000 participants attended the festival during the Lunar New Year, an increase of 60,000 participants from the 640,000 participants during the previous year. Exhibits on display this year consisted of flowers commonly found in Changhua County. The use of flowers commonly found in Changhua County resonated with residents of this county and with their support drew large attendances. Many attendees also visited the nearby Tianwei Highway Garden. This year, in addition to the flowers, attendees were also attracted to the local foods in the Beidou region, such as meatballs, cookies, beef jerky, and Mud shrimp. Many also visited historical sites in nearby Lukang. This further highlights Changhua’s rich flower and cultural attractions. 
    Magistrate WEI, Ming Ku pointed out that Changhuais known for its largest flower industry in Taiwan.Flowers grown in Changhua are fragrant and beautiful. In addition, they also famous for its floral landscaping that can complement interior designs. Furthermore, flowers are a sign of love and kinship. Buyers can purchase it for lovers, parents, and children. When paying respects to the deceased, flowers can be presented as offerings. There are many ways flowers can be used, each conveying a different message, helping to bring people closer to each other. The county government actively promotes flowers grown in Changhua and sincerely hope that people from all over Taiwan can visit the annual Changhua Flower Festival to buy flowers, view flowers, and appreciate flowers from Changhua. Our flowers can bring joy and happiness to all. 
    Magistrate WEI, Ming Ku further indicated that although the Changhua Flower Festival has successfully rounded off, Cijhou Park is open to the general public for free all year round. Also, shuttle busses to the upcoming 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival at Yunlin will depart from Cijhou Park. Visitors from northern Taiwan and citizens of Changhua can tour the Cijhou Park during the day to enjoy the beauty of flowers and taste delicious local foods. When evening comes, visitors can take the shuttle bus to the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival at Yunlin. To avoid traffic congestion, stop by Cijhou Park before proceeding to the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival at Yunlin to take advantage of the abundant parking space at Cijhou Parkso that you can have an even more pleasant experience. 
    Changhua County is Taiwan’s major agricultural and tourist center. It is rich in agricultural production and tourist attractions. This festival was highly rated by its attendees. It became a popular tourist attraction during the Lunar New Year Holidays. Magistrate WEI, Ming Ku thanks all those who have participated during the holidays and is confident that Changhua will be the best place to visit in Taiwan. 
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