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  • President Tsai Ying-wen and Changhua County Executive Wei Ming Ku, on the third day of Lunar New Year, went to Xihu Fuan Temple for New Year blessing.

    • Date: 2017/01/30
     01 President Tsai and County Executive Wei worship in the Fuan Temple, Xihu township of Changhua County. Accompanied by Changhua County Executive Wei Ming Ku and others, President Tsai Ying-wen went to well-known Fuan Temple, located in Xihu township of Changhua County, on the 30th morning (The third day of Lunar New Year) for New Year blessing. President Tsai, County Executive Wei and Director Committee of Fuan Temple Yang Lian ji prayed for the goddess, Mazu, to bless the country and people. Afterward President Tsai gave lucky bags to whom presented at the scene and wished them good luck and having a prosperous 2017 Rooster Year.  
    One hundred and nine years before the Republic of China was established, Fuan Temple was founded with numerous religious followers. Raising funds and donating lands by county gentry, the temple went through and overcame many difficulities to root in the current site after three times relocation. The temple’s goddess, Mazu, is merciful, compassionate and saving people from suffering, she is worshipped by nationwide people.  
    Fuan Temple was now located in the intersection of Yuanlu and Zhangshui road. An obvious and important religious position of Fuan Temple for Xihu township since it takes temple as center and extends its territories southward. The reconstructed temple is antique, solemn and worships four En Chu Kongs, God of Wealth, Jizo Bodhisattva, Sambo Buddha, Tai Sui Xing Jun, Confucius, Three Divine Officials, Eighteen Venerable etc., that all enlighten people to abandon evil to good.  
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