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  • 2017 National High School Sports Competitions Press Conference - the goodwill ambassadors made their debut and County Executive Wei presented them the certificate of appointment.

    • Date: 2017/02/22
     photo of the National High School Sports Competitions - Goodwill Ambassador Press Conference The County Government has specially hired goodwill ambassadors of Da-Yeh University to serve the important work as receptionist in 2017 National High School Sports Competitions which will take place in Changhua.  
    On the morning of the 22nd, 2017 National High School Sports Competitions - Goodwill Ambassador Press Conference was held at the courtyard in County building, participated by County Executive Wei Ming Ku, Deputy Executive Lin Ming Yu, other guests, and 30 members of the goodwill ambassador group, including 28 female students, 2 male students. The opening ceremony began with a vibrant wonderful perfomance was brought by Da Yeh University‘s competitive cheerleading, following by the goodwill ambassadors’ catwalk show, Avenue of Stars. All the guests feasted their eyes on a power and beauty show. 
    County Executive Wei expressed that in order to meet the needs of upcoming National High School Sports Competitions from 4/22 to 4/27, Changhua County government will hold the sports competitions including 17 categories, 19 subjects sporting events in seven townships, and more than 10,000 athletes from around nation are expected to come to Changhua during the competitions, also with thanks to Da-Yeh University’s support of providing not only its gymnasium as a taekwondo competition arena but also encouraging students to organize the goodwill ambassadors who represent the good temperament, friendly personality of Changhua County young people. County Executive Wei is hoping to well use their valuable experience to entertain and make a wonderful impression to guests and sports players from all over the country during the competitions , and also appreciates the competitive cheerleading’s youthful and energetic performance brought for the opening.  
    Furthermore, Wei pointed out that being the host county of the National High School Sports Competitions, Changhua County has been given an opportunity to marketing and showcasing itself and promoting sightseeing as well as enhancing sports level. In addition, it will sparkle the National High School Sports Competitions with the participation of the goodwill ambassadors and competitive cheerleading.  
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