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  • County Executive Wei attends 2017 Changhua County 228 Peace Memorial Service and pays his tribute to the families of victims.

    • Date: 2017/02/28
     228 Peace Memorial Service – County Executive pays his tribute to the families of victims Since taking office, Changhua County Executive Wei Ming Ku, regarding the historical scars caused by the 228 Incident, has payed much attention to the care of the 228 Incident’s victims and their families. So as to appreciate and commemorate those who had dedicated themselves to Taiwan this land and sacrificed their lives to fight for democracy and freedom, the Memorial Service was held by County Government at the square in front of Wenwu Temple in Lukang on the morning of 28th, Feb.  
    County Executive Wei, at first, expressed his condolences to the 228 Incident’s surviving relatives. He said that it’s been 70 years since 228 Incident occurred and every year the commemoration is held on 28th, Feb, with thanks to the Changhua County 228 Caring Association to provide the relevant cultural and historical information of the incident displaying at the Lukuang Wenwu Temple that will enable future generations to understand this part of history and promote ethnic integration. 228 Incident stems from the authoritarian rulers persecuting people and thus the resistance of the people, such thing is unlikely happening in a democratic country, therefore, everyone should cherish Taiwan's democratic development, electoral system and freedom. Learning from the history, the governors shall be reminded and kept in mind their responsibility is to bring a safe and happy life for people. 
    County Executive Wei further pointed out that except the 228 Peace Memorial Sevices,Changhua County Government will establish the first 228 commemoration museum in Beidou County official guard house and collect the related historical events of 228 Incident to complement the history. In the future, the school can reconstruct the school doors or buildings by removing Chiang Kai-Shek bronze statue in a peace way, so that everyone can see this history rationally and peacefully. Thanks to our predecessors, without their sacrifices, we can not enjoy the present democratic system in Taiwan.  
    During the service, County Executive Wei, took a lead, along with the colleagues of County Government, guests and representatives, together they paid their tributes and offered a white lily bouquet to surviving family members of victims. The white flower symbolizes and conveys the idea of "love, peace and hope". Meanwhile, County Executive Wei, Yang Zemin, chairman of Changhua County 228 Caring Association and also one of the family members of victims, Lin Shishou, chairman of Taiwan 228 Incident Martyrs Association and the family members of victims as well, the representative of victim families and other guests, participated the blessing ceremony in pursuit of more peaceful world. They prayed for love passing forward, everyone cherishes and supports each other to make society more harmonious 
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