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  • Eagle season is coming ! County Executive Wei invites everyone to come to enjoy eagle viewing.

    • Date: 2017/03/14
    Eagle Hovering Bagua press conference group photo Eagle viewing activity, 2017 Eagle Hovering Over Bagua - Happy Forest, is about to begin! On the morning of March 14th, County Executive Wei Ming Ku held a press conference at the Bagua Mountain Ecological Tourist Center where he expressed his sincerely welcome to national people to come and experience eagle viewing events which integrate ecological wonders of gray-faced buzzard eagle with the concept of ecological humanities and friendly farming, with the combination of cultural creative & aesthetics and sightseeing on March 18 (Sat), 19 (Sun) .  
    County Executive Wei addressed that every year in March it’s the season for gray-faced buzzard shortly stopping by Bagua mountain on their way north return, and over the past few years because of the joint efforts of the relevant units, ecological conservation is much better than before, as well as ecological restoration, more abundant that enables to provide gray-faced buzzard food supplement. This year is as usual holding up the activity of Eagle Hovering Over Bagua to meet special guest- gray- faced buzzard and promote the concept of ecological conservation. Through the combination of ecology and sightseeing to let nationwide people understand the importance of ecological conservation and know Changhua better. 
    County Executive Wei further pointed out there is an eagle watching platform in Bagua mountain, and the reliefs, a variety of DIY activities, eco-tourist center to combine with SkyWalk to attract visitors to stay longer, hopefully, to help and benefit Changhua County tourism development. 
    Every year in early March through the month to the Ching Ming Festival it’s the season for gray-faced buzzard eagle visiting Bagua mountain. So the best time to come to Changhua to participate Taiwan's hottest and largest eagle activity is during this period. In order to convey the concept of conservation and welcome gray-faced buzzard eagle crossing Bagua mountain, Changhua County Government has been hosting the activity of " Eagle Hovering Over Bagua" for consecutive 20 years and with a lot efforts successfully made it become a national well-known ecological event. The topic of this year "Happy Forest" is to promote the importance of protecting shallow mountain forest , a suitable natural habitat for gray-faced buzzard eagle, and with expectation to create a harmonious relationship between "man" and "nature" , building a great home for gray-faced buzzard eagle when they come to Bagua Mountain every Spring, such approach, will establish Changhua to become a great and happy city for whoever, whatever lives here. 
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