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  • The 2017 National Secondary School Athletic Games – Light Up Your Dreams –Compete with Fashion in Changhua: County Magistrate Wei Issues Island-wide Invitation to Attend the Games in Changhua Between April 22(nd) to 27(th)

    • Date: 2017/04/17
    Photo Caption: 2017 National Secondary School Athletic Games Press Conference – Group Photo The 2017 National Secondary School Athletic Games is about to open in fashion. The 2017 National Secondary School Athletic Games Opens on April 22(nd), 2017 at Changhua Sports Stadium. Competitions will be held across Changhua for the next 6 days from April 22(nd) to 27(th). In the press conference at the Changhua County Hall on April 17(th), Changhua County Magistrate WEI, Ming Ku along with fellow citizens, jointly announced the official opening of the 2017 National Secondary School Athletic Games, inviting athletes from around Taiwan to compete and learn from each other. Magistrate Wei also invites citizens around Taiwan to attend the games between April 22(nd) and 27(th) to root for the athletes. 
    County Magistrate Wei thanked the county leadership team for successfully winning the bid for hosting the National Secondary School Athletic Games. This is an honor for Changhua County and all preparations are ready. Special thanks to the corporate sponsors for standing by and supporting Changhua. Through hosting these games, we open our doors to new visitors and increase our visibility. To host these games, Changhua County upgraded its sporting facilities while showcasing local delicacies and tourism programs, introducing Changhua to Taiwan and even the whole world. 
    County Magistrate Wei thanks more than 50 corporate sponsors and Rotary Club members for volunteering to be host families, providing room & board to more than 15,000 athletes and coaches around Taiwan. Special thanks go out the schools and 3000 volunteers who made all this happen. The torch for the games was relayed throughout Taiwan between April 7(th) and 18(th). It first set foot in Changhua County through Xizhou Township on the 19th and was replayed through all 26 townships and villages before being replayed to Changhua City on the 21(st). A special ceremony was held at the Changhua County Stadium on the evening of April 21(st) to celebrate this event. Both celebrities and citizens of Changhua experienced a festive atmosphere in the evening. Many top athletes from all over Taiwan also joined us in the event, experiencing the enthusiasm and passion Changhua. 
    The games this year involves 17 categories and 19 competitions, including: track and field, gymnastics (artistic and rhythmic), table tennis, badminton, tennis, taekwondo (combat and poomsae), judo, weight lifting, archery, soft tennis, karate, shooting, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and wood ball. These games welcome young athletes from around Taiwan to gather together and complete fairly. By learning through athletic competition, these young athletes demonstrated their hard work and determination to a achieve new heights, and are filled with the athletic spirit. 
    To celebrate the return of the torch to Changhua, the Changhua County government organized an evening of celebrations for citizens of Changhua. Artists, such as the 911 band, Genie Chu, and CHEN Lei were invited to perform live and with other performances such as creative dancing. This event attracted a diverse audience and enable the athletic spirit to live on. 
    During the duration of the games, Changhua County also held many experienced learning activities, stamp collecting events. These games also coincide with the Bagua MountainTung Blossom Festival. For more information, please visit our website at  
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