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  • County Magistrate Wei Visits Ta Chu Elementary School and Inspects Zhangnan Road Expansion Project. Orders Construction of Sidewalk to Ensure Safety of Students.

    • Date: 2017/05/11
    Widening alleyway, construction of pedestrian sidewalk for students, protecting the safety of students. Press Conference – Opening by County Magistrate. Alley 164, Zhangnan Road Section 2 of Changhua City, Changhua County is an important alleyway connecting Ta Chu Elementary School and Zhangnan Road, used by many students walking to and from the school. However, the alley is only 4 meters wide while shared by both motor vehicles and students. Situations where both people and motor vehicles are unyielding to each other, students zigzagging through the traffic are common and yet dangerous scenes on display daily, creating a very dangerous environment for students commuting to and from the school. On the 11th of May, Changhua County Magistrate WEI, Ming Ku inspected Alley 164, Zhangnan Road Section 2, and gave orders to remove and move the wall of the Ta Chu Police Station inwards so that students can enjoy a safer environment while commuting to and from the school. 
    County Magistrate Wei indicated the alley connecting the gates of Ta Chu elementary school to Zhangnan Road is very narrow as it is only 4 meters wide. Event when the traffic light at the intersection of Zhangnan Road and the alley is green, vehicles and pedestrians alike cannot make their way into the alley before the light turns red, resulting in a traffic bottleneck. For many years, many citizens have proposed that the walls of Ta Chu Police Station to be removed and moved inwards to widen the alley. After this survey, the county government included in its budget support for this proposal. We hope that after widening of the alley, students and teachers can have a safer commute to and from the school. 
    Students are pillars of the nation and future leaders; their safety is of the uttermost importance to the Changhua County Government. Improving the safety of students on their way to and from school is a priority for this county government. To protect and solve the current safety problem for students, County Magistrate Wei instructed the relevant departments remove and move the wall of the Ta Chu Police Station inwards, so that Alley 164, Zhangnan Road Section 2 can be widened to 6 meters while adding a square in front of the police station. Also included, is a pedestrian sidewalk for students After many meetings and surveys to solve obstacles that were in the way, we have decided to go ahead with the construction to create a better environment for students commuting to and from the school. To protect students going to school and returning home from school, and solving a safety problem threatening students that had long existed. 
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