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  • “Lukang Dragon Boat Competition Night”: County Executive Wei Welcomes You to Changhua to See Dragon Boat, Enjoy Fine Food, Explore Ancient Building, and Enjoy Traditional Custom

    • Date: 2017/05/18
    2017 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival Press Conference – Group Photo “2017 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival Series Events”: On the morning of 18th, Changhua County Executive Wei, together with local officials Huang, Nian, Lin, hosted a press conference introducing the upcoming events to be held in Lukang to celebrate this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. Besides the traditional “Dragon Boat Night Competition”, this year Lukang Township would introduce additional events including a “night light show” and a “night tour carnival”. 
    The Dragon Boat Festival in 2017 would span from 27th to 30th of May, Wei welcomes everyone home and abroad to come to Changhua to see dragon boat, enjoy fine food, explore ancient building, and enjoy traditional custom. Wei also pointed out that, Lukang is a historical place with a rich history, and that Changhua County Government has endeavored to promote the National Lukang Historic Park project, such project helps to improve infrastructures and to set up a lot of decorations in the area. This year’s events would span a whole month, and spectacular night light show has been set up to welcome tourists. 
    “Lukang Dragon Boat Festival” has a history of 40 years, and such event is among one of the top ten festival celebration events in the country. From 28th to 30th of May, there would be approximately 100 dragon boat teams entering Lukang, which includes 13 international pro teams. In the evening of 30th of May, there would be an opening ceremony, those friends who may not be able to join at the scene may choose to witness the competition Live on Channel 38 from 18:30 – 20:30 of May 30th. Last but not least, Changhua County Government would provide free shuttle buses from 28th to 30th of May, and certain road may subject to temporarily traffic controls. For more information regarding the traffic information, please kindly access the “2017 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival official website” ( for further information. 
    Changhua County Government wish you a safe and wonderful journey of 2017 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival.
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