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  • County Executive Wei Visited Educational Centers in West America, Advanced Ideas Gained

    • Date: 2017/06/24
    California Science Center On Jun.24th 2017, Changhua County Executive Wei Ming-Ku and his visiting group visited the California Science Center and the Getty Center in L.A. California, such trip is aided by the local friends. Wei left a profound impression on the aforementioned two centers, those two centers are the frontline to promote science and art in the local areas, the lessons provided at the centers are the fundamental yet compulsory courses for the local students in California. Wei said he expected that Changhua County could learn valuable lessons from these centers’ success.  
    In comparison, the elementary and high schools in Changhua County are ranked well in the nations, and the Poem & Art competition held in the county could also stimulate kids’ talents; California Science Center is regarded as the largest science center in the west coast, and the center use the retired Space Shuttle Endeavor as a main exhibition in the center, such move is expected to incent more schools to select this center as schools’ study center. The center also tried to boost visitors’ experience by providing fun and rewarding courses.  
    The Getty Art Center includes five different wings; fascinating exhibitions are displayed in turn in these wings. The Getty Center also hold construction and plantation exhibition weekly.  
    The greatness of a city is never bounded by the height of its buildings, but defined by the deepness and profoundness of its culture and art heritage. Changhua County will continue to explore and cultivate its science and art education to secure the very success of Changhua County’s future.  
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