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  • 2017TianzhongScarecrow Art Festival – The Bear Loves Tianzhong will be held on December 23 and 24. Magistrate Wei welcomes all of you to come and have fun

    • Date: 2017/12/19
    2017Tianzhong Scarecrow Festival – photo of the magistrate and guests The county government and Tianzhong Farmers’ Association will sponsor the “2017 Tianzhong Scarecrow Festival – The Bear LovesTianzhong” at Wang Gao Liao, Dingtan Village on December 23 and 24, 2017. Magistrate Wei welcomes all of you to come and have fun.  
    2017 Tianzhong Scarecrow Festival will be held on December 23 and 24, this being the third anniversary. More and more visitors come every year. Each year, there are more innovative and creative ideas, landscape art, and flower seas to entertain all visitors. Now is the season for the blooming of the cosmos. In the venue, the cosmos blooms wildly everywhere, packed with tourists. Welcome all of you to come and have fun.  
    Magistrate Wei pointed out that Tianzhong is the region plenty of rice. In addition to market local produce “rice”, he would like to thank the farmers for cultivating rice so that people can learn that “Do you know the food on your plate, each grain was hard-earned.” Through these activities, rice will be introduced, and farm tools displayed to honor farmers in improving farm technology, with which excellent rice is cultivated. Holding these activities, it is expected to promote Tianzhong’s visibility. Welcome to visit Tianzhong.  
    This 2017 Tianzhong Scarecrow Festival will be themed the “bear”. There will be enchanting flower seas and landscape art exhibitions. Huge scarecrow installation art and scarecrows in different forms and appearances will be among flowers, guarding everybody in playing the big challenge games, scarecrow DIY. The parent-child game zone is suitable for the entire family to have fun and excitement. Promoting the parent-child relationship, it creates memories for all. There will also be a local rice cuisine exhibition, in which home economics instructors and members of home economic classes of farmers’ associations from different townships, towns, and cities will use rice and local ingredients to cater fine rice dishes for your tasting.  
    In this year’s activity, there will be an old and modern farm tools exhibition in the venue, the introduction of rice species in Changhua County, the exhibition of prize winning rice, and more. Visiting the exhibition, people will be oriented with updated knowledge on rice species. In addition, excellent and prize-winningrice farmers will be honored. In the venue, people will also have the opportunities of milling rice themselves to experience the essence of “Every grain of rice is the result of the farmers' hard work”. 
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