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  • 3rd Anniversary Achievement Presentation of Changhua Magistrate Ming-ku Wei: Eight Reforms for a LOHAS, Livable and Happy Changhua

    • Date: 2017/12/25
    On the morning of December 25, the Changhua County Government held the 3rd Anniversary Achievement Presentation of Changhua Magistrate Ming-ku Wei in the atrium of the Changhua County Hall. In the presentation, Magistrate Wei gave a full presentation of the policy and promised to courageously assume accountability and responsibility for the well-being of Changhua citizens and to build a LOHAS, livable and happy Changhua. 
    According to Magistrate Wei, it was the 3rd anniversary of his term. He reported to the public that Changhua topped Taiwan in green energy business solicitation, and the world’s finest green energy developers had gathered in Changhua. Over the past year, the Changhua County Government hasmade outstanding performance in green energy business solicitation and topped Taiwan in both wind power and solar power. The performance of solar power development in the ChanghuaCounty also topped all of Taiwan. Planning a greater vision for local citizens andmakingcitizens proud are also the vision that motivates the county government to promote a “Green Energy Culture and Smart Changhua”. Looking to the future, Changhua will be the largest green energy park in Taiwan featuring an offshore wind farm zone, the offshore wind turbine maintenance and operation wharf, and the 120-hectare neighboring Changhua Coastal Park. Magistrate Wei also requested the county government team to take care of Changhua citizens from all aspects. Apart from giving them a happy life, he has promised a beautiful future for Changhua citizens. 
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