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Traffic-related issues

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  • First, foreign workers are not allowed to drive any vehicle in Taiwan. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drug shall be punishable. Breath test appears below 0.25mg/l is no penalty. Breath test appears between 0.25mg/l and 0.55mg/l is punished with a fine not more than NT$12,000 and not less than NT$6,000. Driver is prohibited to drive on the spot and his driving license is suspended with one year. Breath test is over0.55mg/l shall be considered to commit an offense against public safety.
    Driving without a license shall be punished with a fine from NT$6,000 to NT$12,000.
    If someone is killed in a hit-and-run accident and you are the guilty driver, you commit an offense of abandonment. For avoiding the police check and injuring any police officer on duty, you not only commit an offenses of injury but also interfer with public functions. Snaking through or weaving in and out on the road may commit an offense against public safety in transportation.
    First, pay attention to the license or ID certificate of the taxi driver. Second, Take a taxi with your friends or co-workers. Third, Contact your friends, co-workers, manager or employer to tell me the license plate number of the taxi. Fourth, don’t take the front seat.
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