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Major Policy Objectives of the County

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  • Transportation
    • Construction of three bridges that connect Changhua County and Taichung City
    • Construction of Eastern Changhua Road
    • Elevated Railway Rapid Transit Systematization in Changhua City
    • Railway Extension to Lukang
    Hydraulic Construction
    • Development of Changhua City Sewerage System with up to 10 billion NT Dollar investment
    • YuanlinFlood Detention Disaster Prevention Park
    • Construction of Changhua Fishery Habor
    Urban And Rural Planning
    • Expansion plan of Changhua City Circle
    • Smart City Planning
    • Actively Attract Investment
    Economic Development
    • Changhua County received award at the Investment Development Competition held by Ministry of Economic Affairs
    Sustainable Development
    • Development of Plumbing Industry
    • Development of the 4th phase of Central Taiwan Science Park: Erlin Science Park
    • Erlin Precision Machinery Park
    • Dynamic Economic Forum
    • Development of Campus photoelectricity
    • Replacement of Mercury Streetlights
    • Closure of pollutant emission factories as a joint effort of law enforcement and prosecution department
    • Landscaping and Greening Vacant Land
    • Green Data Center Received the Innovative Application Award
    Social Welfare
    • Denture Subsidy for Seniors - Healthy Living for Seniors
    • Monthly Travel Subsidy of NTD 1,000 and Financial Allowance of NTD 2,000 for senior citizens
    • Dementia Protection Network for the Elderly
    • Rehabilitation Bus: Personal Mobility Brings Happiness
    • Childbirth Subsidy of 30,000 TWD – Highest in Taiwan
    • Mobile Arts Classroom for Kids in Rural Areas
    Health and Medical Services
    • Changhua County Won First Place in the National Food Safety competition
    • Mobile Lung Function Screening Service
    • Two-in-One Strategy for Gastric Cancer Screening
    • Highly-rated community service center
    • Medical Care Registration Fee Waiver for the Needy
    Quality Education
    • Development of two Civil Sports Centers
    • Enhanced School Lunch Program: Building Safer Schools
    • Reconstruction of Aging School Building
    • Construction of Modern Fences to boost campus security
    • Award for Best Reader
    Wellbeing Development
    • Community Safety Award: First Place for 10 Consecutive Years
    • Changhua County selected as Outstanding Disaster Prevention County
    • Changhua County received the 1st place in work environment evaluation
    • Opening of the Bagua Shan Skywalk
    • Qingshui Forest & Recreation Area
    Governing with Integrity
    • Enhancing the Quality of Government Works
    • Campaignagainst vote bribery
    • Changhua County Government received government service quality award
    • Government Collaboration among Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, and Miaoli to boost regional governance
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