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Since the prerequisite for local sustainable development is a sound financial foundation, in light of the current difficult financial situation,we will proactively expand government revenue and reinforce financial control. The County Magistrate has requested all departments to review the performance of major projects from the past and those currently being undertaken carefully, and achieve the administration’s goals in the most efficient, resource-conserving manner by integrating resources.The key aspects of future administration include expediting the sound infrastructure of the county, building a comprehensive transport network, developing regional momentum, creating a high-quality environment conducive for industry development, and promoting collaborations between the public and the private sector. Besides fostering civic engagement, the aim is to elevate agricultural competitiveness in the future and preserve important cultural heritage. Other visions of the county include establishing a comprehensive and safe educational environment, sound social welfare and medical care, thereby attaining the county’s vision of Wonderful Changhua – City of Aspirations!

Key points of the county administration

1.Build a complete transportation network
2.Revitalize regional urban regeneration
3.Create quality industrial environment
4.Fortify agricultural economy
5.Create a LOHAS, livable environment
6.Invest in diversified education and development
7.Appreciable care and protection ensure peace of mind
8.Build a social security network
9.In-depth cultural creatives marketing
10.Convenient service for citizens - Incorruptible government

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