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Achievement Report

A Special Issue of the Second Anniversary for County Government Two Years’ Achievements

Words from County Executive Wei Ming Ku

Time flies and I have already been in office serving my term for two years since inauguration. As I am looking back and recalling the past of more than 700 days, I am very proud of our county team, upholding the concept of "building a great Changhua & creating a happy Changhua", has been working diligently and dedicated to green economy, high-quality education, environmental hygiene, cultural tourism, welfare care and other aspects of county work which successfully laid a good foundation, and demonstrated an obviously concrete result.

Embracing the world's best offshore wind farm and Taiwan's highest average solar power generation, Changhua County has endowed with abundant green energy resources to attract both domestic and foreign manufacturers’ investment, for example, Taiwan electricity company is planning to invest more than 200 billion and other international companies are also contacting with us for the possible cooperation. Also, 800 offshore wind turbines are expected to set up in the future and while all set, the estimated generating capacity will provide 56% of domestic households a year electricity use. Moreover, County Government is actively planning the establishment of "Changhua Renewable Electric Power Company Limited", local residents are welcome to invest. It’s expected to shape up Changhua offshore as "Oriental Saudi Arabia". In addition, 202 schools so far in the county will install solar panels on their roofs, and the company that won the bid will give the government a 24.3% return fund which is about 100 million, the highest amount in the nation. Our goal is to create the largest green economic cycle efficiency and make Changhua become a low-carbon sustainable green county.

Bagua Mountain SkyWalk, the longest skywalk in the Taiwan as popular as soon it opens, Bagua Giant Buddha and the National Museum of Life, three of them have become popular attractions in Changhua Ecology Tour. Lukang, with a rich cultural history, is an exquisite city upholding the spirit of "culture as the body, sightseeing for the purpose". Cultural resources as the main body, County Government is actively promoting the project of "Lukang National Historical Scenic Area" and strives for Central Government’s 6 billion subsidies in planning and developing related tourism and construction plans, also taking environmental quality , history and culture into account so that Lukang national history and culture are sustainable developing and leave the precious historical and cultural heritage for Taiwan. With deep cultural heritage, it will stimulate the overall economy and create a happy life for Changhua County’s people.

The rooted education has been a crucial work as I always believe, therefore, so as to let the education demonstrate in life to lead children exploring and developing their potential, the County Government has been actively promoting the importance of moral education, multi-disciplinary. As a result, the students of Changhua County have been repeatedly winning a string of prizes and displayed outstanding creativity in the competitions such as the Panshi Prize, Reading Pushing Hands, Taiwan & International School Network World Expo, Educational Cup Robot Contest, Olympic Creative Robot ... etc. And the more work has been done, the investment in educational construction, including the projects to strengthen the earthquake resistance of old classrooms and to increase the setting up of schools’ electronic hedges (penetration rate is the in the nation) , such approach is hopefully bringing a safe learning environment for students.

Changhua City Railway Elevation, a longing project for the county people, has passed the first deliberation, and the construction of three bridges has started as well. Soonest after the completion of three railways and three bridges, Changhua City’s traffic- convenience will make a breakthrough. As a large portion of traditional industries rooted in Changhua, County Government values the importance of industrial upgrading, as motivated, actively promoting SBIR, counseling the establishment of the "Taiwan Water Hardware Innovation Boutique Museum", and planning to promote "water-metal industry gardening production settlement" industry zone that will provide a great environment for industrial development and absorb sporadic unregistered factories in the surrounding areas. Also, with the provision of isolated green belt, it will reduce the impact of external environment, and upgrade the industries.

2016 is the "Changhua County Safe Eating Year", County Government spared no efforts in promoting food safety, and won the competition of National Food Safety Project held by The Executive Yuan. Moreover, working with people to build the communities a safety net, this also got excellent from 2015 Ministry of the Interior ‘s Community Security Evaluation. We, the county team, always keep our commitment to people, step by step, visited the 26 townships, listened to the authentic advice from people, in hopes to build a better life for people. What we believe is as long as we have the courage to bear and the faith to be responsible for the right things we are doin , we will create the better and happier homes for the county people.

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