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Government work report 18-3

2016 The 3rd Regular Meeting of Changhua County Council’s 18th Session - administrative report

by County Executive Wei

Good day ! The Speaker, Mr Hsieh, the Deputy Speaker, Mr Xu, ladies and gentlemen, friends of the media.

Today is the 3rd regular meeting of Changhua County Council’s 18th session, I am honored to be invited and have opportunity to give you an administrative report. Before I start, I’d like to give my sincerely thanks to every councilors because of your supervision and recommendations, so that the County Government’s operations could work so smoothly, I hope you will continue to give the county team more suggestions. Let’s work together for the public interest of Changhua County’s people.

Building a great Changhua County has always been my ultimate goal. Regarding the social welfare measurements, many of them have been implemented in succession such as 333 children-caring policy. We have suggested Central Government to incorporate into the national planning to expand and benefit more disadvantaged minority nationwide.

Also, we have completed amendment of "Changhua County Food Safety Autonomy Ordinance" , and the management level has been elevated to County Government. We will guard and keep the county food safe through the cross-departments integration.

In addition, an outstanding commitment we have achieved in winning four innovation awards in the 7th Taiwan Healthy City and Senior Citizen Friendship City Award, still, we will spare no efforts in promoting "Lukang National Historical Scenic Area", building major traffic construction and seeking financial resources etc., step by step, gradually, we will reach the people’s expectations in hopes of creating a better future.

In the face of 1.29 million people's life, we, prudently, have planned 13 governance priorities, including “ to provide a safe, healthy and sustainable agricultural lifestyle , enhance transportation’s convenience, to promote tourism and add-value to our cities and townships, take care of all citizens and bring them a happy life, boost industries and encourage innovation sustainability, establish well-equipped public healthy institutions, provide multiple and high-quality education, to stimulate creativity and create local brands, embrace environmental sustainability and reach for a greener Changhua, to be the home of diversity and happiness, flood control and disaster prevention, implementation of the maintenance of consumer rights, excellent service efficiency of the Government .“

Next, I would like to make a summary report on the policy key points.

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