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Government work report 18-4

The Fourth Regular Meeting of the Eighteenth Changhua County Council (2016) – Policy Address of the County Magistrate

Good day, honorablespeaker Hsieh, deputy speaker Hsu, members of the County Council, meeting participants, and friends from the news reporting community.

It is an honor to be invited to the Fourth Regular Meeting of the Eighteenth Changhua County Council. On behalf of the County Government, we sincerely wish good health to all members of the County Council and for a successful meeting.

To ensure the safety of foods within the county, my administration has actively promoted effective actions during the past year by the government, business, and citizens to improve food safety. Not only were we successful in our food safety efforts, but we also achieved first place the food safety planning competition held by the Executive Yuan, and was awarded TWD 74,500,000. Our achievements have emboldened our determination in maintaining food security. The full amount of the prize received will be re-invested into the county’s food safety management efforts.

Due to the effects caused by global warming, reducing carbon footprint and promoting green energy is more urgent than ever. This county has achieved the highest score for the effectiveness of its solar and wind power generation infrastructure. The Taiwan Power Company is planning to establish an offshore wind power generation area and will establish Taiwan’s first renewable energy operation center. The total amount of investment is expected to be over TWD 200 billion. We hope that this county becomes a leader of low carbon green energy solutions.

This governmenttakes community safety very seriously. Our communities are safer through thepartnership with permanent Community Security Patrols. This year, is the 10th consecutive year we have been rated by the Ministry of the Interior Neighborhood Security Assessment as “Excellent”.

Our achievement in business development has been affirmed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In particular, we received grants totaling TWD 16,500,000 from the central government for our one-stop-service and elimination of barriers to investment.This government continues to becommitted to safe neighborhoods and providing business friendly environments for our citizens to live happy and prosperous lives.

Changhua is rich in tourist attractions. In addition to lobbying the central government for supporting the“Lukang National Historic Scenery Area”, we had successfully held Dragan Boat competitions during the evening at the Lukang Dragan Boat Festival. At the WangkungFishfireact Festival, we pioneered the fishfireact lightshow. Last, we opened the Baguashan Skywalk, the longest in Taiwan. Through continuous innovation and the will to seek change, we hope to present a different Changhua to all Taiwanese. Next, please allow me to provide a work report to highlight the administration of our policies.

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