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Have Fun in Changhua and Foster Abilities on Children’s Day Consecutive Holiday.
2021/4/1 00000008
The Children’s Day consecutive holiday (4/2) is coming soon! Many children can’t wait to travel with their families. If you still have no idea how to plan the trip for the holiday, don’t worry, Changhua County Mayor, Wang Hui-mei’s team has selected several parent-child fun attractions suitable for entertaining and learning for you! In these attractions, children can have fun while learn the 5 major learning abilities: adventure, sensibility, aesthetics, concentration and thinking. These can not only enrich children’s lives, but also relive parents’ beautiful childhood memories. Changhua County Mayor, Wang Hui-mei welcomes everyone to come to Changhua to visit 15 tourist factories and 24 leisure farms to have fun, foster abilities and enjoy great food. Department of City and Tourism Development, Changhua County recommends one attraction for everyone based on each of the 5 major learning abilities: 1. Action for adventure - manatee experience In recent years, intertidal eco-tourism has become popular along the southwest coast of Taiwan. The most well-known one is the ”Black Land” on the west coast of Fangyuan Township. When the sea is low tide, take a manatee oyster-picking trip! Let the children take the ox cart to the intertidal zone to experience the hard work of oyster farmers, dig clams and catch shrimps and shells, and observe biological ecology (such as fish, shrimps and crabs). In the evening, enjoy the beautiful sunset at the nearby Wanggong Fishing Port and taste delicious local seafood. 2. Farming for sensibility - Dashan Ranch The Huatan Dashan Ranch breeds black and white Dutch cows and coffee-colored Jersey cows. Children can experience farming, such as feeding and milking cows, and understand the hardship of raising cows and the difficulty of getting milk, expecting children can cherish and appreciate things. In addition, there are also a variety of fresh milk products, such as flavored hot pot, ice cream, fresh milk, etc. If you are tired from playing, why not come here to enjoy milk products. 3. Art for aesthetic - Tianwei Highway Garden The highway garden and the gardening street are well planned, suitable for riding bicycles or family 4 wheel tandem bicycles. Gardening DIY courses are provided in many courtyards in the garden. Children can choose from various styles of plant pots and flowers to make their own style of potted plants. If you are tired from walking, you can take a break or dine in the courtyard restaurant, and spend an elegant time with your family in the green environment. 4. Hand-made for concentration – Wu Family Dough Figurine Hall The multi-functional exhibition hall that inherits the folklore skill, dough figurine, equipped with DIY classrooms, outdoor lawn areas, ecological pools and other venues, can fulfill everyone’s needs. More importantly, through dough figurine DIY, children can enjoy the fun of playing with colored mud, learn to concentrate themselves and knead the clay carefully to create an ideal modeling. Children will have an incomparable sense of accomplishment after completion. It is the best game for children to stimulate their potential. 5. Profession for thinking ability - Guashan Village Located next to the visitor center of the Mt. Bagua Great Buddha Scenic Area, the public productive tourism market, newly opened in January this year, is stationed by 18 local young professionals. There are guqin performances, prints, parent-child pizza DIY, and tea course, with art courses and theme events held irregularly. In April, there is a series of Happy Children’s Day activities, such as non-woven handbag DIY, giraffe photo frame and other courses, so that parents and children can use their hands and brains together and learn while having fun. In addition to the attractions mentioned above, Department of City and Tourism Development, Changhua County also recommends the following attractions for more fun: Xihu Sugar Factory (Steam locomotive – national treasure), Dong Luo River Recreation Farm (cook with earth oven, catch mud loach, and experience the ancient rural life), Rainbow House (colorful umbrella tree, like a rainbow fairyland), Ribbon Museum, and etc. All of these are suitable for family travel, and are the good choice to experience the local culture! The county government has also compiled information on discounts for tourism factories in Changhua County during the Children’s Day consecutive holidays (4/2~4/5) for your reference. For detailed information, please check the factories’ official websites. The discounts are subject to the latest announcement on the official websites. 1. Taiwan Rice: 4/2~4/5. The admission price is $150 per child (includes entry to the experience park and unlimited time of using all the attractions)! Children under 120 cm can be accompanied by an adult (free for accompanying adults). 2. Brand’s Health Museum: 4/2~4/5. Children below elementary school will get a pack of ”Chicken Essence Biscuits” when they enter the museum. 3. Evins’s Color Fun Gallery: 4/2~4/18. Special offers for some items in the magic shop, and free gashapon once per consumption of $500 at the magic shop 4. Taiwan Glass Gallery: 4/2~4/5. Only for Grace Cafe, the second cup of hand-made coffee is $20 off and the glass coffee cups are free to take away. 5. Ribbon Museum: 4/1~ 4/30. One free experience of the pinball (two marbles) per consumption of $168 with a prize for every participant. 6. Motex Mask Creative House: 3/26~4/4. Consumption in the museum will get 3 diamond-patterned masks (M) for free (limited daily). Special offer is supplied for any two boxes of Transformers Bumblebee and Rainbow Pony masks. 7. J.Wood Garden: 4/2~4/5. Beautiful free gift (limited to 100 copies per day) for children under the age of 12 who purchased a half-price ticket. In addition, 10% discount for designated products in the children’s play area. 8. Mizu World: 4/2~4/5. Opens at 9 A.M. and the pool and waterslide are open all day. 9. Taiwan Glove Museum: 3/15~4/5. For children only: Buy one sports gloves, get one knitted gloves for free (limited styles and colors, while supplies last). 10. Changhua Formosa Biomedical Healthy Yoho Museum: 4/2~4/5. Free mascot cap upon admission (age limited). Free cloud cotton candy DIY experience or exchange for ice cream/sparkling drink/popcorn per receipt. Take photos and check in for a free mascot coloring experience. 11. Taiwan Ximai Egg Roll Kingdom: 4/2~4/5. $300 rebate for every $1000 purchased. 12. Lanyard Paradise: For the ”Looking for Lanyard Paradise” event, the one whose name matches all 4 words in Chinese can get free VR experience (unlimited times), the one who matches 2 words can get free ticket, and the one who matches 1 words can get 1 coupon (ID card or health insurance card required); On Children’s Day (4/4), children under the age of 12 can get 1 voucher for DIY, VR or cotton candy (chose 1 item only) upon admission.