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Travel to Changhua by Train! E-Special Issue,
2021/9/12 00000008
  Ministry of Transportation and Communications has designated 2022 as the Year of Rail Tour. For people to deeply experience the century-old beauty and the transformation of Changhua Railway, the Changhua County Government has specially launched a digital special issue of "Fantastic Changhua – a New Trend in Rail Tour." This e-book introduces the charm of Changhua with audio/vedio, dynamic technology and other creative technique of expression.   According to the County Mayor, Wang HuiMei, Changhua County is not only the intersection of the mountain-sea line railways, but also the central railway operation center. Trains pass through towns and across the plains, not only connecting Changhua’s rich natural landscape and cultural heritage, but also many valuable and rare railway cultural assets along the line. There are 8 stations in Changhua: Changhua, Huatan, Dacun, Yuanlin, Yongjing, Shetou, Tanzhong, and Ershui. The accumulated cultural heritage of Changhua County and the creative taste of the new era are displayed in the stations and the railway surroundings. Outside the station, tourisms can find the classic snacks handed down from generation to generation, special gifts, public art of international famous artists, and trendy cultural attractions. Through this e-special issue, which utilizes wonderful arrangements and images, detailed and smooth texts, and 3 dynamic movies to provide readers a richer visual and hearing experience, readers can realize that Changhua is an abundant city but keeping a low profile in the past.   The paper publications are available on the county’s tourism information networks and township offices. For electronic special publications, please refer to the county’s tourism information website ( or the "Changhua Tourism" FB fan page ( and LINE.