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Local Agricultural Products Exhibition Sale Debuted Enjoy Local and Seasonal Products
2020/7/5 00000045
Farmers’ Association of Yongjing Township in Changhua County has held events, such as Local High-Quality Flowers, Local Agricultural Products Exhibition, Rice Promotion and Young Framers’ Agricultural Products Exhibition Sales as well as Happy Countryside Promotion Plan and Food & Farming Education Promotion Activities, in order to encourage everyone to visit Changhua and to appreciate/purchase flowers and all the local agricultural products. In this case, all the local products can be produced and sold locally, and we can also Enjoy Local and Seasonal Products as well. Let us work together to help farmers survive this impact from the epidemic and most of all to increase their income. Head of Changhua county Ms. Wang said that all the director-generals and all the colleagues from 26 township Farmers’ Associations in Changhua County have been very attentive to this task; they have set up the Mei’s Kitchen together with the county government to promote and endorse local agricultural products through the activities of cooking and flower arrangement. We welcome everyone to buy high-quality agricultural products from the farmers’ associations to revitalize Changhua’s economy. The county government has put a lot of effort to promote the brand of "Changhua Exhigition (彰化優鮮)" and has actively cooperated with all the major sales channels. Furthermore, "Changhua Exhigition combines various certification marks to guarantee the safety and quality of our agricultural products as well as to create a unique brand for selling our best agricultural products all over the world.