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Changhua County Government has launched a tour guide service for Lukang sightseeing tours in English and Japanese. Welcomes the public to book this service
2020/10/13 00000073
Changhua County Government has trained 31 tour guides in English and Japanese languages through the "Advanced Training Course for Guided Touring Lukang Area" this year to promote international tourism market. Changhua County Mayor, Wang Hui-Mei, has issued the Lukang Culture and Sightseeing Tour Guide Certificate after their Results Presentation, encouraging the tour guides to continue to invest in and diligently work on local guide in Lukang. Those who have passed the test will provide the English and Japanese guide services in Lukang area to integrate the training and actual application of guided tour making sure that this training project can be well integrated with actualguided tour assignments in Lukang area. Lukang is an important birthplace of Taiwan’s historical and traditional culture. As the saying goes: "The first Fuchen, the second Lukang, and the third Mengjia", which can also illustrate the epitome of the development and evolution of Lukang-style Taiwanese towns. Lukang has been established as a commercial port for nearly 300 years and has preserved some streets from Qing Dynasty such as Yaolin Street, Putou Street, and Houche Lane as well as the Zhongshan Road modified from the city streets in the late Japanese occupation. In addition, the traditional culture of southern Fujian is permeated between the alleys of Lukang. There are elegant couplet writing on the door eaves, the constant sacrifice to the gods throughout the year, the fantastic and lingering music of southern Nan-Kuanand, and the constantly craftmanship creations as well. These local characteristics enable Lukang to gather achievements in crafts, architecture, culture, arts and Chinese opera. This town is indeed an important treasure of Taiwan’s history and culture. The special plan for this Guidance Project is: Lukang would launch a golden guided tour and guide services in English and Japanese, which will start from now until November 15, 2020. Free guided tour reservations would be accepted every Saturday and Sunday, whoever needs guided tours services is welcome to sign up; however, we only accept at least 5 people to form a group; people can register online through the BeClass system. If the number of people is insufficient, the reservation will then be cancelled. For details, please contact the system website