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The Qing Dynasty took control of Taiwan in the 22nd year of Emperor Kangxi’s reign (A.D. 1683).The next year, Taiwanfu, the Qing Dynasty political administration of Taiwan, was established.It consisteding of 3 counties: Taiwan, Fengshan, and Zhuluo counties. At that time, the district of Changhua came under the jurisdiction of Zhuluo County.

The Changhua district, however, spread over the three counties with the majesty of its mountains and rivers, and the richness of its natural resources, its high population density, and its highly literate people.

In 1723, the first year of Emperor Yongzheng’s reign, Wu Dali, the inspector official in Taiwan then, proposed to the throne, "Since the northern part of Zhuluo County includes the Chinese people and other races, Your Majesty is respectfully requested to designate another county magistrate and legal warden to that district…"

As a result, Changhua County was established, its reaches stretching from the northern boundary in Huwei District to its southern border in Dajia District.The name, "Changhua," literally means a "manifestation of a royal civilization"; its formal wording is the "manifestation of the majestic Emperor's civilization spread over the seas."

Changhua County Hall was built in the mid of the district and is regarded as the beginning of the Changhua County establishment.

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