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  • Organization

    Deputy Magistrate

    Department of Civil Affairs
    Department of Finance
    Department of Economic Affairs
    Department of Education
    Department of Public works
    Department of Water Resources
    Department of City and Tourism Development
    Department of Agriculture
    Department of Social Affairs
    Department of Labor Affairs
    Department of Land Administration
    Department of Information
    Department of General Affairs
    Department of Planning
    Department of Legal Affairs
    Consumer Ombudsman officer
    Department of Personnel
    Department of Accounting and Statistics
    Department of Civil Service Ethics
    Department of Economic and Renewable Energy

    First-Class Organ Police Bureau
    Public Health Bureau
    Fire Bureau
    Environmental Protection Bureau
    Local Tax Bureau
    Cultural Affairs Bureau

    Second-class Organ Household Registration Office
    Land Office
    Public Health Center
    Chronic Disease Center
    Animal Disease Centrol
    Family Education Center

    Six-year High School
    Junior High School
    Elementary School

    Senior Consumer Ombudsman

    Township(City) Office

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