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  • Changhua County Government signs memorandum of cooperation with HAEGANS ALLOY Ltd (KR): County Executive Wei furthers his green energy campaign to Korea

    • Date: 2017/07/17
    HAEGANG ALLOY (KR) President Kim and   Changhua County Government Memorandum of Cooperation being signed HAEGANG ALLOY (KR) President Kim, together with his visiting group of eight, visited Changhua County Government in the afternoon of Jul.17th 2017. County Executive Wei, Deputy Executive Chen, and multiple department heads greeted and exchanged ideas with the visiting group. Following by a detailed introduction of Changhua’s supportive investment environment and a Memorandum of Cooperation being signed, the visiting group would further its visit, including scouting for potential ideal sights, on Jul.18th and Jul. 19th. 
    County Executive Wei explained that using solar energy is an important part Changhua County adopted to follow central government’s clean energy policy; that Changhua County has the highest solar energy efficiency in the country; and that Changhua County has planted solar energy plates on more than 188 schools inside the county. Wei further pointed that the county’s second phase target is to plant much more solar energy plates on the roofs of Changhua Costal Industrial Zone which span around 3600 hectares; and to further cooperation with SOLEQ Energy (TW), in which case SOLEQ would invest around 15 billion NTD in clean energy. It is currently estimated that Changhua County has the largest number as well as the fastest growth rate of solar energy plates planted. 
    Wei claimed that Changhua County would endeavor to further promote clean energy adoption, including planting solar energy plates on the surface of river, ocean, subsided land, and contaminated land; and that Changhua County Government would provide a supportive investing environment for the visiting group. 
    President Kim pointed that he had noticed that Changhua County Government had paid extensive attention on the clean energy development; and that he had found three companies which shared the same interest in investing in Taiwan’s clean energy development. It could be expected that with the advanced technology and adequate experience provided, such cooperation would surely FastTrack Changhua’s clean energy development.
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