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  • County Executive Wei Visited the Lake District in U.K.

    • Date: 2017/08/11
    County Executive Wei Visited the Lake District in U.K. Changhua County Executive Wei, together with his visiting group, visited the Lake District in U.K. on Aug. 5th 2017. Most of the valleys displayed the U-shaped cross-section characteristic of glacial origin, and often contain elongate lakes occupying sizeable bedrock hollows. County Executive Wei believes that preservation and sustainability of natural resources is of vital importance to our society. Changhua County Government would try to learn lessons from the Lake District’s success. 
    U.K. government has long set sustainability of land as one of its policy objectives. The key to its success lies at the special assignment arrangements between U.K.’s central and local governments. The central government is responsible for researching and anchoring its general policy, while the local one is responsible for implementing them. 
    The Spatial Planning Act in Taiwan came into force on May. 1st 2016. The Act has set different functional zones: environmental conservation zones, marine resource zones, agricultural development zones, and urban-rural development zones. In Changhua County, sensitive areas spans almost 70% of county’s land, thus a well-planned forward-looking plan is crucial on the sustainability of Changhua County. 
    County Executive Wei has started a pilot study on the spatial planning of Changhua County, as a response to the implementation of the national spatial planning act. It’s currently estimated that such study would help Changhua County reshape its soil structure and better secure county’s future development.
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