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  • Changhua County Xizhou Mud Festival held in Xizhou Forest Park (Taisugar Place), October 28th & 29th

    • Date: 2017/10/12
    Press conference of Mud Festival- Head of the bureau and guests “Changhua County Xizhou Mud Festival” will be held on Oct. 28th and 29th, 2017. In addition to the concert of Bobby Chen in the evening on the 28th, the festival also has other fun events including farmers market, muddy fun fair, cooking competition of Rice God, and a muddy competition.  
    Chen Wen-Pin, the head of the Department of Cultural Affairs of Changhua County, will attend the festival on behalf of Magistrate Wei Ming-ku, the Village Chief of Xizhou Huang Sheng-lu, and the director of Golden Bough Theatre Wang Rong-Yu. Golden Bough Theatre will present an epical environmental theatre, “Troy. Troy… Taiwan” to the audience as the opening of the festival in the evening on Oct. 21st. It will be performed at Taisugar Place next to Xizhou Forest Park. Both adults and children are welcomed to come to Xizhou to play in water and mud, exuding their passion and energy.  
    This year, in order to further promote the agriculture of Changhua and Nantou and the culture of Jhuoshuei River Watershed as well as the industrial features of friendliness and sustainability in local areas, the County Government invites Golden Bough Theatre to present a local musical and create more cultural diversity. 
    Golden Bough Theatre is a leading local theatre in Taiwan. This year happens to be their 20th anniversary, and it is especially meaningful for them to perform this drama, “Troy. Troy… Taiwan”, at the riverside of Jhuoshuei River in the old sugar factory in Xizhou.  
    The location of Mud Festival, Xizhou, is the hometown of the singer, Bobby Chen. This year, he launched his new album, “Coming Home”, to express his homesickness for the hometown scenery that has always been in his mind. This time, Mud Festival invites him to come back to his hometown for the evening party of the festival ( Oct. 28th ), depicting his memory and sensation to the rice plants and evening breeze with his gentle and romantic vocals.  
    The County Government hopes that this series of fun and educational events, which incorporate internationalization, mud and village cultures, can be well-known to the public and create a unique Xizhou mud village culture. 
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