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  • Changhua County Executive Wei Attended the 2017 ChangHua Mazu united pilgrimage activity

    • Date: 2017/10/15
    2017 ChangHua Mazu united pilgrimage activity -chant prayers 「2017 ChangHua Mazu united pilgrimage activity」start off day, based on the custom “ casting lots” to Mazu, October 15th (Sunday) is the perfect day for Mazu united pilgrimage activity. There are 10 Mazu statues come from all counties to Renhe temple at Erlin on October 8th. By setting holy table, start off banquet, after start off banquet at night. The start off ceremony is held by in the morning today (15th), ChangHua county mayor “Ming-Gu, Wei”, the chairman “Shun-chou, Peng” of Renhe temple at Erlin meet up with 11 representatives of temples. The Mazu statues from 11 temples will be starting the pilgrimage activity during worship by believers, praying for ChangHua and national people. It will come back to main temple “Renhe” at Erlin on October 20th, will be held by a pilgrimage ceremony for exchanging flags on October 21th, then this annual pilgrimage activity be completed. 
    Changhua County Executive Wei says: Renhe temple is the monument of ChangHua county, with good attendance, also is a faith for Erlin area people. This time pilgrimage activity combines religion and historical culture, pilgrimage activity is held up in the morning, at night, there will have a lot of artistry activities ie. traditional opera, performance of local culture by original troupe, also will have industrial culture demonstrations, for carrying forward activities of custom and religion. 
    By Mazu United pilgrimage activity, it’s not only praying for ChangHua county and nation with favorable weather and good fortune, but also uniting people to work together for Taiwan. It’s is truly believed, under Mazu’s bless, everyone can be safe and nice.
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