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  • The first marathon of the 2018 Changhua County Government Marathon Season: County Magistrate Wei rises early to cheer runners on in the ‘2018 Changhua 139 Marathon’ and welcome all to Changhua

    • Date: 2018/10/21
    County Magistrate and Participating Runners at the 139 Marathon The ‘2018 Changhua 139 Marathon’ is the first marathon of the 2018 Changhua County Government Marathon Season, and was officially flagged off on the 21st at the Chienkuo Technology University Sports Ground. Early in the morning, Changhua County Magistrate Wei, Ming-ku and Changhua City Mayor Chiu, Chien-fu led their teams to cheer on the 2,000+ runners, and fired the starting pistol together with participating guests of honor. They hope the runners will be able to perform their best and break their personal records while enjoying the refreshing experience of running along county highway 139, where sunlight filters down through the trees and the crisp scent of phytoncides fills the air. 
    Magistrate Wei said that a total of 9 marathons will be held during the marathon season, which is expected to attract the participation of over 50,000 people from across the country.The arrival of foreign runners in Changhua will also help to market the local tourism industry. He hopes that all runners will be mindful of their physical condition and road safety at all times, and wishes them an outstanding performance. 
    2018 Changhua County Marathon Season: 9 Major Marathons  
    10/21 – Changhua 139 Marathon  
    10/27 – 2018 Grape and Wine Moonlight Half Marathon  
    10/28 – Shetou Township Changhua County Half Marathon 
    11/04 – 10thYuanlin Lions Cup Taiwan  
    11/04 – Love Ershui Water Marathon 
    11/11 – Taiwan’s Rice Heaven - Tianzhong Marathon 
    11/18 – Taiwan Lukang Marathon 
    12/02 – 2018 Polio Run V 
    12/09 – 5thFenyuan Township Rice Noodle Festival Half Marathon 
    For more details about the marathon season, please visit the official website of the Changhua Marathon Season( 
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