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  • County Magistrate Wei attended the opening ceremony of “Fun in nature – learn science and play” the creative children’s playground of NeiAn Elementary School, Changhua County

    • Date: 2018/11/01
    Address from county magistrate NeiAn Elementary School of Changhua County held theopening ceremony for “Fun in nature – learn science and play” creative children’s playground. County Magistrate Wei Ming-ku and other officials showed up at the ceremony. To celebrate the long-anticipated playground, the school arranged fabulous opening performances and invited many guests to share this joyful event. 
    Nei An Elementary School is one of the preferential demonstration schools of the creative playground program of Changhua County. Scientific experiment laboratories wereintegrated into life during the design of the playground. The “Fun in nature – learn science and play” children’s playground program is expected to break through the limit of the classroom and extend the place of learning into nature.  
    The facilities of the playground were designed under five major themes: sound, light, warmth, air, and water. Take the sunlight sports plaza as an example, it has a jungle gym and a horizontal bar unitwith different colors and heights, which can train children’s movement planning, muscular endurance, and limb coordination and develop their future athletic ability by climbing up and down on all fours. Meanwhile, the shadow of the facility is a sundial so that children can learn the change of sunlight in different seasons and feel the passage of time from the different positions of shadows on the ground. 
    In addition, the graffiti wall and the wash basin were designed to let children doodle on the wall and the ground to know the difference of water permeability of different surface and evaporation. The creative playground can extend children’s learning experience and combine sports facilities and science teaching aids. The concept of “A school is a big teaching aid” believes that the practice of attaining the learning objective of achieving a healthy body and exploring science is worth promoting. 
    Since taking the office, County Magistrate Wei has dedicated himself to promoting the education with four major orientations and made remarkable achievements in the biennial nationwide county education survey, winning the first place among all the counties outside the six special municipalities and the fifth place in the country. 
    Currently, Changhua County has five creative playgrounds. In 2018, the county government input more resources to create characteristic creative playgrounds and embraced the concept of inclusiveness to attend to every child’s right to play. 
    In the future, Changhua County government will continue promoting the high-quality program and build fascinating, creative and safe game facilities to let every child have a colorful childhood.
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