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  • Changhua marketing alliance, splendid in every week. Changhua business district marketing alliance has been established. Welcome to Changhua business district for tourism spending.

    • Date: 2018/11/06
    A press conference for the founding of Changhua business district marketing alliance On the morning of 6th, Economy & Green Energy Development Office of Changhua County Government held a press conference for the founding of the Changhua business district marketing alliance with the theme of “Changhua marketing alliance, splendid in every week” on the 6th floor of Coffee Art Gallery, which announced the official launch of Changhua business district marketing alliance in this year. 7 major business districts funded this year also came to the conference to present a series of activities with their own characteristics and charm. Welcome to Changhua business district for tourism spending. 
    Attaching great importance to local business district and economy, the county government has fought for budgets from the central government. Due to the reason that Changhua has a profound culture and each region has its own characteristics in economic activities, agriculture, and sightseeing, the characteristics of each business district are different. If local economy wants to be developed by attracting foreign tourists, it is necessary to have good policies for marketing. The county government and 7 major business districts in Changhua County jointly conduct marketing for the local business district with splendid and plentiful activities. We hope all people nationwide come to Changhua for tourism and shopping as well as experience special culture and snacks. 
    Changhua County has a diversified and abundant industry. For promoting overall development and sustainable operation of Changhua business district, Changhua County assists the business district to establish a marketing alliance with persistent coaching of an advisory group by continuously promoting the request for marketing coaching expenditure. Through integrating the characteristics of various business districts in the county, developing a new model of cross-regional tourism spending in business districts, it is able to promote the development of the business district and construct its own charm. 
    Changhua marketing alliance, splendid every week. 
    Marketing activities in various business districts are as follows. 
    Oct. 27th -28th Tianwei Business District - Tianwei Agricultural Carnival 
    Nov. 10th - 11th Tianzhong Business District - Tianzhong Music Market 
    Nov. 10th Lugang Old Street Business District - Nostalgic Time Travelers ~ Busy Lugang Encounters Classical Old Street 
    Nov. 17th - 18th Lugang Temple Business District - Jog in Lugang, happily eat till full 
    Nov. 17th Dapu Business District - 3rd Dapu Business District Snack Feast 
    Nov. 25th Erbashui Business District – Grapefruit Funfest & Grapefruit Rural Market 
    Nov. Wanggong Business District - Little Coastal Travel Experience etc. Welcome to experience!
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