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  • 2019 Taiwan Small Town Ramble in 【Lukang】 and 【Tianwei】

    • Date: 2018/11/12
    Classical town Experience different local customs and classic street foods in Lugang and Tianwei! The 2019 Taiwan Small Town Ramble poll has begun! Please vote for 【Lugang】 and 【Tianwei】! 
    As a trade port favoring business activities, Lugang is economically thriving and characterized by a wide variety of general merchandise, not to mention a dietary culture superior to others. In addition, thanks to the local ethnic plurality, native street foods of different styles and flavors assemble in the little town. 
    In addition to the historical monuments and sights that amaze visitors with the aesthetics of craft art, tasting different types of gourmet food is a must-do activity when traveling to Lugang. Welcome to Lugang to experience the manifolded satisfaction of glamor, knowledge, and appetite. 
    When watching flowers along the highway garden in Tianwei, cycling through the rustic flower sea is doubtlessly the most popular activityfor a local tour, and shuffling across the crisscross footpaths between fields is like roaming in a carriage as what princes and princesses do in fairy tales.The tour of beauty in this hall of flora is like an incarnated butterfly strolling and dancing in this beautiful floral kingdom of Tianwei. 
    Fear not losing your way on a tricycle, simply let the feelings of leisure and relaxation guide you through the floriated alleys and lanes is definitely the most fantastic travel experience in Tianwei. 
    Please vote for Lugang and Tianwei 
    You will have the chance to win great gifts like a folding bike, an instant still camera, or a package tour. 
    Voting time: From now on until November 26. 
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