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  • The best guide for family trips Build the five major abilities of children ! Co-published by Changhua County Government and CommonWealth Magazine 《Take a trip with your kids to Changhua, and discover theamazing abilities of your children while playing》

    • Date: 2018/11/20
    Discover amazing abilities Book Release Is there a place that allows children to always learn something along the way? 
    Changhua, a county next to a major city, has preserved its unique culture in its own pace, whereas at the same time, absorbed creative elements to keep up with the times, and built a city that is most suitable for kids. 
    On the morning of 20th, the Changhua County Government held a book release themed on 《Take a trip with your kids to Changhua, and discovertheamazing abilities of your children while playing》at the courtyard of the county hall.Over 60 tour spots, farms, and other family trip experience attractions have been included, which will enable children to absorb knowledge and discover their five amazing abilities while having fun playing. 
    On behalf of Wei Ming-ku, Magistrate of Changhua County, LinMing-yu, the deputy Magistrate of Changhua County was present at the book release. Deputy Magistrate Lin expressed his wishes of welcoming parents and their children to experience the limitless beauty of Changhua through the brand new perspective illustrated in the book. 
    Deputy Magistrate Lin also stated that the book 《Take a trip with your kids to Changhua, and discover theamazing abilities of your children while playing》has introduced the culture, tourist attractions, tour spots, and particular natural geographical sceneries of different areas in Changhua. Co-edited by the CommonWealth Magazine, this book’s purpose is to take the readers on a tour around Changhua. In recent years, tour spots in Changhua County have increased rapidly. He expressed great thanks to all the people that have worked hard for this land, and invited friends from the country to have a trip in Changhua with their children. So that children will be able to know the land and the people who are working hard here, and to experience Changhua. He said this is not just a tourism book.It is also a book of culture and education. He hopes that people can bring their kids to Changhua, let them experience the County, and fall in love with Changhua. 
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