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  • Spectacular Day and Night - Lukang Dragon Boat Festival Offers Plenty of Entertainment from Dawn to Dusk

    • Date: 2019/05/23
    Press conference for 2019 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival Lukang Dragon Boat Festival is the oldest and most respectable Dragon Boat Festival celebration in Taiwan. In the morning of the 23rd, Changhua County Government, Lukang Township Office, and Fuxing Township Office held the kick-off press conference for the meticulously designed event series in Lukang. One of the pieces de resistance of this year is the Lukang Feast of Lights and Glorious Duanyang Archway, an archway created using modern lighting technology and Fujian-style window grilles to accentuate its Lukang influence. Visitors are welcome to admire the highlight of the Lukang Dragon Boat Festival. The main event of the Lukang Dragon Boat Festival is dragon boat racing, therefore the International Dragon Boat Competition will be held at the Fulu River Waterway on June 5, 6, and 7. This year, a total of 118 teams will be participating in the competition. This year, the competition will also be held at night to avoid the hot weather during the Dragon Boat Festival, while the Dragon Boat Festival activities will continue until after 20:00, therefore the public is invited to join the festivities during the day and at night. Please watch the competition live on the much38 channel.
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