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  • Tens of Thousands Celebrate 2019 Wanggong Fish and Fire Music Festival

    • Date: 2019/07/20
    The guests at Wanggong Fish and Fire Festival The 2019 Wanggong Fish and Fire Festival kicked off with a bang on July 20/21! Famous celebrities and top singers gathered at Wanggong Fishing Harbor for the “Ocean Music Festival” with an audience in the tense of thousands joining in the celebrations. The four key events this year are the Ocean Music Festival, Prayer Carnival, Fireworks Show and Local Food. Local merchants were also mobilized for the first time for a variety of fun activities including the hundred-meter oyster grill, 3300m2 children’s play area, and 10,000 servings of delicious food up for grabs. Changhua Wanggong not only showed the whole nation its local hospitality but also reinforced its reputation as one of the top mid-summer music festivals among “Gongliao in the North, Wanggong in the Center and Kenting in the South.” Total attendance for the first day was estimated to around 165,000 people.
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