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  • One and Only in the Country – 2019 Changhua County International Ox Cart Festival Kicks Off

    • Date: 2019/10/06
    The County Magistrate experiences the ox cart Changhua County Government held the 2019 Changhua County International Ox Cart Festival at the front square of Putian Temple in Fangyuan Township this morning (October 6). The event kicked off with a lively performance by Las Vegas dancers followed by activities such as a cultural heritage commendation, ox cart parade carnival, bicycle tour, tidal flat ecology experience, industry promotion market, etc.The County Magistrate hopes that the event will transform ox cart oyster harvesting at the tidal flats of Fangyuan into a recreational industry, where citizens can ride the ox cart to harvest, grill, and enjoy oysters at the tidal flats. This is an experience that is not available in the city, so it is hoped that the people of Taiwan will be introduced to the spectacular, unique tidal flats and the ox cart culture of Fangyuan. Everyone is invited to visit Fangyuan to appreciate such an incredible experience.
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