General rules after work
Question Answer
What crime may it make if taking or riding away other person's motorcycle or bicycle with no owner's permission? It is a theft when one walks on the street or wanders around the company, sees other person's motorcycle or bicycle parking on the side of street or the shoulder of road, and takes or rides it away. And this violates Common Larceny Articles of the Criminal Law. Penalty may be increased for three persons or more carrying out this theft or (a) person(s) using a tool or a screwdriver to steal a motorcycle or bicycle.
What crime may you commit if taking the clothes from the shop without checking the bill? Shoplifting such as taking CD, shoes, clothes or any grocer sold in a department store, clothing shop or supermarket, etc. without checking the bill and puts them in his/her bag and leaves will make a case of larceny.
What crimes if without your co-worker's consent but using his/her ATM card and withdrawing money would be? Without consent but making off with your co-worker's ATM card is a crime of larceny. Using it to withdraw money from ATM is committing a crime of fraud.
What if purchasing an unidentified motorcycle would be? Generally speaking, the unidentified motorcycle was usually stolen. Purchasing it will be considered to commit a crime of purchasing an illegally obtained property. Knowing the fact of the unidentified motorcycle, you still borrow and ride it, you run the risk of committing a crime of receiving an illegally obtained property. The person who accepts stolen property can be sentenced to imprisonment not more 3 years, detention, or a fine not more than 500 yuan (=NT$15,000).
What crime if snatching someone's purse or necklace would be? Taking advantage of person's carelessness to snatch a necklace or purse will be considered to commit an offense of forcible taking, which is with imprisonment for not less than 6 months and not more than 5 years.
What crime if using a fruit knife to forcibly take someone's property would be? By violence, threats, administering drugs, inducing hypnosis, or by other means to render resistance impossible, a person who takes away a thing belonging to another or causes him to deliver it over with intent illegally to appropriate it for himself or for a third person will be considered to commit robbery and shall be punished with imprisonment for not less than 3 years and not more than 10 years.
What crime if beating up a victim while snatching or stealing some property would be? While snatching or stealing some valuable objects, offender usually uses violence or other means in order to succeed in robbing someone. Therefore, it is considered to commit robbery as well.
What crime if possessing lost belongings would be? Lost belongings are still the owner's property. You had better take it to the police station when finding it. Otherwise, you may commit the crime of occupying the lost belongings if you take it home as possession.
What crime if scratching or damaging someone's car parking on the road would be? The crime of destruction depends on the offender does it by deliberate intention. Scratching or damaging someone's car shall be punished with not more than 2 years’ imprisonment, detention or a fine not more than 500 yuan (=NT$15,000). In addition to this, the damage cost will go to the offender as well.
What crime if gambling in a public place or a place open to the public would be? A person who gambles in a public place or a place open to the public shall be punished with a fine not more than 1,000 yuan (=NT$30,000). A person who plays video game in the video game parlor with points that can be exchanged with money shall be considered to commit an offense of gambling as well.