Conservation-related issues
Question Answer
Is it legal to carry an item or article made of endangered species? Taiwan is one of countries supporting natural conservation. One who carries goods listed in the prohibited items promulgated by Wildlife Conservation Law and enters Taiwan is against the law. For example, if being caught by having ivory-made products shall be in prison not less than 6 months and not more than 5 years, and a fine not less than NT$300,000 and not more than NT$1,000,000.
What would it happen if starting a fire by accident, by negligence or on purpose? Arson is a felony that jeopardizes public security by setting a fire no matter accidentally, negligently or deliberately in Taiwan. Be careful and don’t defy the law.
Is it okay to eat stray cats or dogs? No, never ever do so. Eating stray cats or dogs can easily catch disease. If the cat or dog is domestic, you’ll face the extremely furious owner, and this may put yourself in great danger.