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Support Flower Growers with Action. Changhua Has Held Local Carnation Online Ordering with Home Delivery Program.
2020/5/1 00000042
  In order to respond to the coronavirus and also help the flower growers to tide over the epidemic, Changhua County Government and Tianwei Township Farmers' Association of Changhua County have jointly held online carnation ordering with home delivery program. The launch ceremony was hosted by Tianwei Township Farmers' Association. Since the beginning of online ordering in May this year, the carnation order has exceeded 150,000 pieces and 500 boxes with the total amount of over 2.5 million. Home delivery to the door ensures social distancing, making consumers feel at ease. You are welcomed to support Changhua flower growers with practical actions to express your concern. By the Mother's Day, order a bunch of carnation to convey your love and make your mother joyful.     Changhua County is the largest flower production area in Taiwan. The flower growers are skilled in cultivation techniques, achieving a variety of flower shapes and colors. The supply is stable with good quality and reasonable prices. It is your first choice for holiday flowers. In addition, it is believed that everyone will have lots of fun visiting the field and taking lovely pictures. Changhua County Mayor, Wang Hui-Mei, appreciated the companies and banks for their support and encouragement. Furthermore, she expects people to buy the high-quality Changhua carnations and will be happy to see big enterprises placing large order, cheering for high-quality agricultural products in Changhua together. For more information about flower home delivery, please consult: * Tianwei Township Farmers' Association: 04-8836114 *小三美日 Platform – Search for “彰化優鮮-盆栽” * Tianwei Township Farmers' Association Website: