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「2020 Mt. Bagua Family Carnival and Advocacy Activities for Traffic Safety」 will be held in front of the Mt. Bagua Great Buddha Scenic Area on Aug 29 and Aug 30
2020/8/27 00000020
Where do you want to go to escape the summer heat? Mt. Bagua on the outskirts of the city is a new choice for cooling off the heat! "2020 Mt. Bagua Family Carnival and Advocacy Activities for Traffic Safety" will be held in front of the Mt. Bagua Great Buddha Scenic Area from 10 am to 18 pm on August 29th and 30th, 2020. Today (27th ), a press conference for the publicity was held in the atrium of the county government. Changhua County Mayor, Wang Hui-Mei, and Ko Chien-Hsing (Director of the Management Office of Tri-mountain National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications) attended the press conference together with other guests. The Great Buddha on Mt. Bagua is the most precious treasure of Changhua and the Pool of Nine Dragons in front of the square is a sign of auspiciousness which has made Changhua county a safe, steady and blessed city. In recent years, Mt. Bagua has been transformed into a desirable place for recreation and many people are still longing for the Mt. Bagua Family Carnival which was so popular last year, so we have planned to hold the "2020 Mt. Bagua Family Carnival " again on Aug 29th and 30th. We will combine this carnival event with the advocacy activities on traffic safety for the first time; furthermore, there will be more activities such as the Formosa Toy Base, Kids’ Toys & Games Experience, LOHAS market, the performances of street artists, and the Summer Vacation for Kids as well. Meanwhile, the Pool of Nine Dragons will initially be opened together with this event. We sincerely invite everyone to visit Changhua for a fun summertime. County Mayor, Wang Hui-Mei, expressed that some changes and plans have been made in response to the epidemic this year. For example, Kids’ Toys & Games Experience of night-market style and the Formosa Toy Base have been used to replace previous aquatic games. We will also combine some advocacy activities for traffic safety in the whole carnival process; for this purpose, we will use the way of playing games to deepen children's awareness and knowledge for traffic safety. The best thing is, we have prepared many prizes for everyone to draw at the scene, one of the best prizes is the GOGORO motorcycles. Through a combination of epidemic prevention and entertaining activities, we can let the children have a weekend that they can eat, play and learn at the end of the summer vacation as well as get ready for school. We sincerely welcome each and every one of you and your family to celebrate this family carnival in Changhua.