• Name
  • Education
    Changhua Luo-Jin Elementary School 
    Changhua LuKang Junior High School 
    Taichung Second Senior High School 
    Bachelor of Political Science at Tunghai University 
    Master of Political Science at Tunghai University
  • Work Experience
    Adjunct Lecturer at Dayeh University 
    Adjunct Lecturer at Chienkuo Technology University 
    Teacher at Luming Junior High School 
    Teacher at Shenkang Junior High School 
    Teacher at Dah-Chin Commercial & Industrial Vocation High School 
    Principal of Lukang Community College 
    Council Member of the 13th, 14th and 15th Changhua County Council 
    The 15th and 16th Town Mayor of Lugang Township 
    Changhua County’s First Constituency Legislator elected from the 8th Legislative Elections 
    Changhua County’s First Constituency Legislatorelected from the 9th Legislative Elections
The word of magistrate
    Changhua City is the largest city besides the six special municipalities of Taiwan, and both advantages and difficulties exist in its development. How to improve its competitiveness, realize the eager expectations for governing and progress of the city’s people is the obligation of Huei-mei and Changhua City government. 
    Never forget your original intention. Since the very beginning of working in the political area, Huei-mei has always stuck to the concept that “Statesmen must work hard for the benefits of the next generation”, that one should know his/her own goals and responsibilities. Therefore, in the future, all of the administration of the Changhua City government will comply with the principle of fairness and justice, and put the interests and benefits of the majority first. 
    Only actions can lead to changes. The team that I lead will work with high efficiency, confront and solve problems with sincerity; our team is required to put the people of the city first, build a clean and efficient government, and be just and respect the law; we also encourage teams of the city government to bravely build their dreams and work earnestly, and to lay a solid foundation for the development of Changhua City in the next 20 and 30 years’ time. 
    My dearest folks in Changhua, thank you for your trust. The future is a competition where we will compete with time. Huei-mei and her city government team will try their best to bring progress and hope to Changhua in the shortest time. Please continue to watch us and give us feedback. Our Changhua, our honor, let’s build it together.