• Civil Affairs Department

    ■ Local Governance Section

    1. Zoning of townships (county-administered cities)

    2. Grouping of neighborhoods and households

    3. Organizations of townships and county-administered cities

    4. Working plans of townships and county-administered cities

    5. Training and lectures to personnel involved in the local governance of townships and county-administered cities

    6. Civil affairs meetings

    7. Inauguration and overseas trips for the county executive

    8. Meetings on township and county-administered city affairs

    9. Improving the efficiency of fundamental units

    10. Management of leaves, rewards, punishments, retirements, and compensations of magistrates of townships and county-administered cities

    11. Council affairs

    12. Affairs of township and county-administered city representatives

    13. Village and neighborhood residents meetings

    14. Small-scale construction projects suggested by village and neighborhood residents meetings

    15. People-to-people diplomacy affairs

    16. All-out defense affairs

    17. Investigation and reports of disasters

    18. Public enterprises

    19. Management of funeral home facilities and services

    20. Establishment of representative offices of townships and county-administered cities

    ■ Religious Customs Section

    1. Folk customs

    2. Management of temples and religious organizations

    3. Drug/tobacco control

    4. Awarding and rewarding of citizens

    ■ Ethnos Affairs Section

    1. Mediation services

    2. Aboriginal affairs

    . Hakka affairs

    ■ Household Registration Section

    1. Household Administration

    2. Household statistics

    3. Other affairs relevant to household registration

    ■ Military Service Section

    1. Conscript management

    2. Wartime and disaster-response conscript task force grouping and management

    3. Substitute civilian servicemen management

    4. Military geography surveys

    5. Training and management of military service administration personnel

    6. Military service administration survey

    7. Comprehensive affairs

    8. Military reservist management

    9. Military reservist muster calls

    10. Category transfer, exemption from service, re-enlistment, discharge, and prohibition from service for reservists

    11. Management of substitute civilian servicemen, reservists, and conscripts

    12. Household registration and military service information system

    13. Application for early discharge of conscripts

    14. Reports on preparatory meetings for all-out defense mobilization

    15. Care for conscripts staying behind for garrison duty and their rights

    16. Management of military martyrs’ shrines

    17. Transportation for mustered reservists and substitute civilian servicemen

    18. Troop entertainment

    ■ Military Conscription Section

    1. Military register investigation

    2. Military conscription investigation

    3. Management of both the rejection from military service and the physical re-examination applications

    4. Lot drawing

    5. Recruitment

    6. In-active serviceman affairs

    7. Application for complementary service of military

    8. Application for substitute military service

    9. Reserve military officers examination and training

    10. Volunteer service

    11. Management of exemption and prohibition from service

    12. Draft deferral management

    13. Exit and entry of conscripts

    14. Changes regarding conscripts

    15. Management of the affairs regarding males who have not served in the military

    16. Impediment to military service

    7. Comprehensive affairs

  • Finance Department

    ■ Financial Institutions Section

    1. Financial management

    2. Assisting townships and county-administered cities with financial affairs

    3. Management of credit cooperatives

    ■ Treasury Section

    1. Treasury expenditures

    2. Cashier management

    3. Payroll management

    ■ Public Assets Section

    Public assets management

    ■ Tobacco and Alcohol Section

    Investigation and clampdown on illegal tobacco and alcohol sales

    ■ Information Integration Section

    romotion of public engagement in the county government’s public construction works

  • Construction Department

    ■ Industrial Section

    1. Industrial administration

    2. Factory registration

    3. Factory management

    4. Management of developed lands for industrial purposes

    ■ Industrial Development Section

    1. Management of industrial parks and lands for industrial purposes

    2. Planning and promotion of industrial development strategies

    ■ Business Section

    Business registration and administration

    ■ Public Utility Section

    1. Management of retail markets

    2. Management of stall vendors

    3. Management of natural gas businesses

    4. Management of water plant

    5. Management of gas stations

    6. Oil (gas) storage facilities for self-use

    7. Oil storage facilities for the petroleum industry

    8. Management of power businesses

    9. Management and registration of electrical appliance installation businesses

    10. Management and registration of professional electrical technicians and electrical appliance examinations and maintenance businesses

    11. Management of water pipeline installers

    ■ Architecture Section

    1. Building permits

    2. Construction management

    3. Administration management

    4. Building use permits

    5. Review of changes in non-urban land use

    6. Urban planning

    ■ Building Use Section

    1. Building use permits

    2. Building use management

    3. Management of illegal buildings (including illegal advertisements)

    4. Demolition of illegal buildings

    5. Other affairs involving: a. Urban planning, b. Urban renewal, c. Urban and rural development

  • Education Department

    ■ Supervision

    Supervision of county-administered schools of all levels

    ■ Student Affairs and Curriculum Development Section

    1. Verification, registration, screening and selection, and transfer of educational personnel; appraisal of school principals

    2. Enrollment status management

    3. Status and statistics of elementary schools, high schools, and private high schools

    4. Supervision and handling of school affairs

    5. Promotion of all-out defense education

    ■ Social Education Section

    1. Social education consultation

    2. After-school and continuing education

    3. Language education

    4. Art education

    5. Social activities education

    6. Promotion of traffic safety education

    ■ Physical and Health Education Section

    1. Hygiene and health

    2. Faculty benefits

    3. All types of sports

    4. School lunch

    ■ Physical Education Facility Section

    1. School physical education facilities and construction

    2. Social physical education facilities and construction

    3. Municipal stadium facilities and construction

    ■ Municipal stadium facilities and construction

    1. Special education affairs

    2. Teenager counseling programs

    3. Technique and skill education

    ■ Early Childhood Education

    Early childhood education affairs

  • Public Works Department

    ■ New Construction Section

    1. Road and bridge construction

    2. Land expropriation for roads

    ■ Maintenance Section

    1. Local small constructions

    2. Maintenance (including planting trees and beautification) of county, village, and urban roads

    3. Improvement and maintenance of farm roads

    ■ Road Maintenance Section

    1. Management of county and village roads

    2. Improvement plans for existing urban roads, landscapes, and humanistic environments

    3. Road smoothing projects

    4. Bridge inspections

    5. Application for road excavations

    6. Road certification

    ■ Transportation Management Section

    1. Public transportation management

    2. Parking lot businesses

    3. Research on and formulation of traffic policies

    ■ Architectural Engineering Section

    1. Construction of public buildings (based on public construction responsibility stratification lists)

    2. Planning and construction of public housing

    3. Land for public housing

    . Management of public housing and financial management

  • Water Resources Department

    ■ Water Resources Management Section

    1. Water Resources Management Section

    2. Hydraulic engineering planning; maintenance and management of tide gates

    3. Water rights registration and management

    4. Irrigated land management

    ■ Hydraulic Engineering Section

    Hydraulic engineering (regional, small, and medium drainage)

    ■ Sewer Section

    Construction and administration of sewers

    ■ Soil and Water Conservation Section

    1. Hillside stabilization and disaster prevention

    2. Slopeland conservation and use management

    ■ Soil and Rock Management Section

    1. Quarrying

    2. Handling of surplus earth and gravel from construction sites

    3. Land plans for mining industrial purposes

    4. Land improvement verification

  • City and Tourism Department

    ■ Planning and Development Section

    1. Comprehensive tourism development planning; planning and investigation of tourism resources

    2. Recreational resources planning

    3. Urban and rural landscape planning

    4. Research on the establishment of parks

    ■ Construction Engineering Section

    1. Comprehensive tourism development planning; development of recreational resources

    2. Development and promotion of urban and rural landscaping

    3. Development and construction of parks

    ■ Operation and Management Section

    1. Tourism service and management

    2. Park management

    3. Public assets management

    ■ Marketing and Promotion Section

    1. Tourism marketing and promotion

    2. Urban marketing and promotion

  • Agriculture Department

    ■ Agricultural Affairs and Plant Preservation Section

    1. Crop production management

    2. Plant Preservation

    3. Agricultural surveys and statistics

    4. Agricultural production information

    5. Consultation for rice production

    6. Farmland use management

    ■ Forest and Conservation Section

    1. Public and private forest management

    2. Lands for forestry

    3. Management of all types of forestation, green and beautification efforts, tree seedling nursery, and drift wood salvage

    4. Reserved forests management

    5. Wild Life Preservation

    6. Purchase and application of tree seedlings

    ■ Livestock Section

    1. Livestock Production Management

    2. Feed production management

    3. Livestock business management

    4. Surveys and statistics

    5. Assessment and appraisal

    6. Slaughterhouse management

    ■ Fishery Section

    1. Fishery management

    2. Fishery promotion

    3. Fishery facilities

    4. Transportation and marketing of fishery products

    5. Fishermen’s welfare

    6. Consultation to fishermen’s associations

    7. Construction of fishery harbors

    8. Improvement and maintenance of drainage canals and roads in aquaculture areas

    9. Improvement and maintenance of sea access roads for fishermen

    ■ Farmers’ Association Consultation Section

    1. Agricultural consultation and extension education

    2. Consultation to farmers’ associations

    3. Agricultural culture activities

    4. Agricultural financial management and consultation

    ■ Marketing and Planning Section

    1. Transportation and marketing of agricultural, fishery, and husbandry products

    2. Management of wholesale markets for agricultural, fishery, and husbandry products

    3. Integration affairs for agricultural production and marketing groups

    4. Recreational agriculture affairs

    5. Operation and management of the Changhua Recreational Farm

    6. Production zones for tree seedlings and flowers

  • Social Affairs Department

    ■ Social Development Section

    1. Management of civil organizations

    2. Social movement

    3. Community development

    4. Social administration personnel

    5. Training and appraisal registration

    6. Cooperative administration

    7. Cooperative organizations

    8. Management of cooperatives

    9. Management of social welfare foundations

    ■ Senior Citizen Welfare Section

    Senior citizen welfare

    ■ Social Work and Assistance Section

    1. Social relief and aid

    2. Community development volunteer service

    3. National pension

    4. Social work reports

    5. Social worker systems promotion

    6. Economic fraud review

    ■ Protection Service Section

    1. Child and teenager protection services

    2. Promotion of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment prevention

    3. Drug control

    ■ Child and Teenager Welfare Section

    1. Child and teenager welfare

    2. Affairs involving subsidies to low- and median-income

    3. Early intervention for children with developmental delays

    4. Nursery affairs and subsidies

    ■ Women’s Welfare and Gender Equity Section

    1. Assistance to families with special needs

    2. Affairs involving foreign and Mainland Chinese spouses

    3. Affairs involving childbirth subsidies

    4. Women’s welfare service center

    5. Single parent family welfare service center

    6. Women’s welfare affairs

    7. Gender Equality affairs

    ■ Disabled Welfare Section

    1. Welfare for disabled persons

    2. Disabled welfare agencies

  • Labor Affairs Department

    ■ Labor Standards Section

    1. Labor standards management

    2. Gender work equality management

    3. Labor complaints

    4. Execution of punishment for violations

    5. Labor safety and hygiene

    ■ Employment Service Section

    1. Employment service

    2. Violations of employment service regulations

    3. Affairs involving employment discrimination

    4. Affairs involving private employment service agencies

    5. Affairs involving occupational training agencies

    ■ Labor-Capital Relationship Section

    1. Consultation for the establishment of industrial, occupational, and enterprise unions

    2. Consultation for unions of all levels to convene meetings

    3. Consultation for and appraisal of affairs of unions of all levels

    4. Lecturers and training to supervisory staff of unions of all levels; explanation of regulations

    5. Consultation for personnel affairs of unions of all levels

    6. Labor-capital disputes

    7. Labor-capital relationships

    8. Management of the violations of regulations

    9. Labor education

    ■ Foreign Workers Service Section

    Foreign workers management

  • Land Department

    ■ Land Cadastre Section

    1. Lands/ building registration

    2. Management of unregistered inherited lands or buildings

    3. Management of land administration information

    4. Management of land administration agents

    5. Other affairs involving land cadastre management

    ■ Land Valuation Section

    1. Valuating or re-valuating lands

    2. Announcing current land values

    3. Restrictions on maximum areas for construction on private lands

    4. Making up for land valuation

    5. Surveying and assessing land values

    6. Purchase based on land values

    7. Other

    8. Real estate appraisers and real estate broking management

    ■ Land Rights Section

    1. Data archiving regarding the land-to-tiller policy implementation

    2. Data archiving regarding the 37.5% private arable rent reduction policy implementation

    3. Land expropriation

    4. Arable land tenancy commission

    5. Various land rights statistics

    ■ Land Use Section

    1. Management of government-owned arable land

    2. Public land appropriation

    3. Zoning and control of non-urban land use

    4. Arable land

    5. Other land use management

    ■ Land Readjustment Section

    1. Management of government-owned arable land

    2. Improvement of public land appropriation

    3. Maintenance and management of readjusted zones

    4. Land readjustment for rural communities

    5. Private sector land readjustment for rural communities

    ■ Cadastral Survey Section

    1. Cadastral survey

    2. Adjustment of land categories and land grades

    3. Management of surveying assistants and technicians

    4. Management of professional cadastral survey qualifications

    5. Mediation and conciliation of real estate disputes

    ■ Land Development Section

    1. Zone expropriation

    2. Private sector urban land readjustment

    3. Urban land readjustment

  • Information Department

    ■ Press Administrative Section

    1. Consultation for and management of the motion picture projection industry

    2. Consultation for and contact with publications and the publishing industry

    3. Compilation and production of publications involving county affairs

    4. Consultation for and management of the cable TV industry

    5. Handling of complaints and reports filed by the public regarding cable TV matters

    6. Consultation for and management of the video program distribution industry

    ■ Press Section

    1. General affairs regarding press releases, media contacts, and policy promotions

    2. Investigation and analysis of public opinions

    3. Assistance in public relations affairs involving press conference contacts and communications

    4. Compilation of photos regarding news about county affairs; general administration; investigation and assessment of land values

    ■ Communications and Marketing Section (Originally Public Relations Section)

    1. Promotion of county affairs

    2. Promotion of special cases

    3. Public relations

    4. Affairs involving the promotion of the county’s traffic safety meetings

  • General Affairs Department

    ■ Documentation Section

    1. Documentation and regulations

    2. Safekeeping of seals

    3. Public affairs

    4. Mail management

    5. County affairs meetings and supervisory staff meetings

    6. Confidential documentation

    7. General administrative affairs

    ■ General Affairs Section

    1. Assets management

    2. Supplies management

    3. Vehicle management

    4. Offices management

    5. Dormitory management

    6. County protection measures

    7. Meeting places management

    8. Management of janitor related affairs

    ■ Communications and Marketing Section (Originally Public Relations Section)

    1. Promotion of county affairs

    2. Promotion of special cases

    3. Public relations

    4. Affairs involving the promotion of the county’s traffic safety meetings

    ■ Archives Section

    Archives management

    ■ Procurement Section

    1. General affairs involving government procurement regulations

    2. County procurement management

    3. Arrangement of educational training

  • Planning Department

    ■ Planning Section

    1. Promotion of comprehensive county development plans

    2. Homeland information systems

    3. Formulation of medium-term plans

    4. Formulation of annual policy implementation plans and performance reports

    5. Arrangement of inspection visits by supervisory officials

    6. Establishment of an English-language environment

    7. Promotion of a platform for central Taiwan

    ■ Promotion of a platform for central Taiwan

    1. Research and development

    2. Promotion of public service

    3. Mainland affairs

    4. Management of reports for business trips abroad

    5. Arrangement of inspection visits by supervisory committees

    ■ Supervision and Evaluation Section

    1. Control over the processing efficiency of official documents, rewards, and punishments

    2. Regular supervision of the processing efficiency of official documents

    3. Supervision of the processing efficiency of official documents of affiliated institutions and schools

    4. Supervision and evaluation of resolutions proposed by the county council

    5. Preliminary evaluation of traffic improvement projects

    6. Management and evaluation of selected items in policy implementation plans

    7. Supervision and evaluation of specific cases

    8. Supervision and evaluation of complaints by the public and investigations

    ■ Information Management Section

    1. Computer information planning

    2. Establishment of computer information equipment

    3. Arrangement of educational training regarding computer operation

    4. Information management

    5. System maintenance

    6. Information administration

  • Legal Affairs Department

    ■ Legal Affairs Section

    Management of legal affairs

    ■ Appeals Section

    Affairs involving legal appeals

    ■ Enforcement and General Affairs Section

    Enforcement and general affairs

    ■ Consumer Protection Section

    Affairs involving consumer protection

  • Personnel Department

    ■ Planning Section

    1. Organization and division of labor

    2. Management of responsibilities and functions

    3. Management of personnel institutions and personnel

    4. Verification of contract employment plans for the county, affiliated institutions and schools, and township (city) offices

    5. Other

    ■ Personnel Section

    1. Affairs involving the appointment, dismissal, promotion, and transfer of personnel; examination and placement

    2. Evaluation and dynamic registration of pay grades

    3. Contract employees of the county and affiliated institutions and schools

    4. Other

    ■ Evaluation and Training Section

    1. Performance evaluation

    2. Regular evaluation

    3. Rewards and punishments

    4. Business visits abroad

    5. Services

    6. Suspension, reinstatement, and dismissal of duty

    7. Other

    ■ Compensation Section

    1. Compensation

    2. Benefits

    3. Entertainment activities

    4. Pensions and severance pay

    5. Registration and statistics of personnel information

    6. Other

  • Accounting and Statistics Department

    ■ First Section


    ■ Second Section

    Internal evaluation of county affairs and handling of accounting affairs

    ■ Third Section

    Internal evaluation of regional education development funds and handling of accounting affairs

    ■ Fourth Section

    1. General accounting

    2. Management of budgeting, accounting, and statistics personnel

    ■ Fifth Section


    ■ Procurement Supervision Team

    1. General affairs

    2. Procurement supervision affairs

    ■ Executive Officers

    Accounting systems

  • Civil Service Ethics Department

    ■ Administration Section

    1. General affairs involving civil service ethics

    2. Management of civil service ethics institutions and personnel

    3. Protection of official confidential information

    4. Formulation of civil service ethics regulations

    5. Institution safety management

    ■ Prevention Section

    1. Prevention of corruption and malfeasance

    2. Provision of more rewards to incorruptible behavior

    3. Strengthening civil servants’ incorruptible and ethical behavior

    4. Research and compilation of anti-corruption (investigation of corruption) reports

    ■ Investigation Section

    Discovery and investigation of civil service ethics cases

    ■ Sunshine Act Section

    1. Active promotion of civil servant property declaration system

    2. Management of conflict of interest avoidance cases by civil servants

    3. Promotion of social engagement

    4. Management of affairs involving the civil service ethics platform

    5. Management of affairs involving civil service ethics volunteers

    ■ Construction Investigation Team

    1. General affairs involving construction investigations

    2. Construction investigation

    3. Sampling and screening of construction projects

    4. Construction supervision by the public

    5. The information system for public construction tendering management

    6. Statistics for sampling and investigation

  • Department of Economic and Renewable Energy
    The Department of Economic and Renewable Energy is responsible for formulating strategies pertaining to renewable energy and industrial development、Industry development, business matching, recruitment, and investment solicitation、Renewal energy (wind power and solar photovoltaic) promotion and management、Planning and management of energy companies in Changhua、Green power accreditation guidance and management、Offshore wind power O&M wharf planning and management、Application for the construction of private power plants、Public and state-owned business (petroleum industry, electric power industry, gas industry, and water utilities).