• Name
    County Flower
  • Counts
    Family: Asteraceae  
    Origin: America and China.  
    The reason that people in Changhua selected chrysanthemum as the county flower was probably not because the people favored chrysanthemum. In fact, considering the enormous area of chrysanthemum fields in Tienwei, Yongjing and Yuanlin and the number of people growing chrysanthemum in Changhua, it would be difficult not to select chrysanthemum to be the county flower. In Jin Dynasty, the famous poet Tao Yuan-min used chrysanthemum to symbolize hermits who, with their integrity and honor, did not wish to compete with others in the government. In the Sung Dynasty, more and more people started to grow chrysanthemum and the varieties of chrysanthemum increased. Poets even grouped chrysanthemum, plum blossom, orchid and bamboo together and called them the four nobles. 
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  • Name
    County Mark
  • Counts
    Plum blossom is the national flower of the Republic of China. The in the plum blossom is a symbol of Changhua. The combination of the two means that Changhua County is a county in the Republic of China.  
    The color yellow is the symbol of the Chinese people. The color green shows the vitality in the plains of Changhua. The dark red shows the passion, energy and philanthropy of the residents in Changhua. 
    The connection between the rice paddy and the gear shows that agriculture can support the industry and the industry can boost agricultural development in Changhua. Changhua County enjoys prosperity and stable society. The emblem also symbolizes that the people in Changhua have confidence in our government and they believe that our government will lead us to a peaceful and prosperous future.  
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  • Name
    County Bird
  • Counts
    (L: 49cm)  
    Gray-faced Buzzard usually migrates across Bagua Mountain Range around March 21st. For people in Changhua , the Buzzard is the symbol of honesty and tradition. Gray-faced Buzzard is now listed as rare and valuable species.  
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  • Name
    County Tree
  • Counts
    Formal Name:Ficus religiosa 
    Family: Moraceae 
    Origin: India, Hong Kong, southern China, Indo-China Peninsula, southern Thailand. 
    Peepul tree is a large deciduous megaphanerophyte that can grow up to 10-20 meters tall. It has heart-shaped and shiny leaves with reticular nervation on long, thin stems. The trunk has smooth bark and round crown. Peepul Tree blossoms in the summer and the thin fruits have no stem. The fruits ripe in the winter and appear dark purple.  
    Peepul tree can grow well in area with lots of sunshine, high temperature and high humidity. It has higher requirements of temperature than fig or balata. It will grow fast if the temperature is around 20℃. It is a fast grower and is tolerant of most soil, particularly sandy loam.  
    Cutting or air layering. Best time would in the winter after defoliation or in early spring before sprout.  
    Regular feeding of compost. Stanchion may be required. Trim the lower branches when necessary in the winter and leave the branches on the top. Sapling will need 3 to 4 times of natural compost. At least one trimming is required in the winter for the shape of the tree. 
    Use in landscape 
    As a garden tree or street tree 
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  • Name
    Changhua County Anthem
  • Counts
    Composition by Chang, Jinhong. 
    Lyrics by Hung, Biting. 
    Background music is the county anthem. 
    Accompaniments provided by Lee, Shuhua generated with the Miditune software published by Idealist Information Co., LTD. 
    The magnificentChanghua is located at the center of the main island of Taiwan. 
    The winds from the heavens and waves of the seas come to pay tribute. 
    The Jhuoshuei River runs long. 
    The Bagua Mountain stands tall. 
    Surrounded by rivers and mountains, its magnificenceis unmatched. 
    It is the cradle of generations nobles and talented people. 
    It is a great culturalcosmopolitan. 
    It is a place of revitalization that is blessed by God. 
    Confucius values has been and always will be it’s core values. 
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